Amazon’s Discounted Kindle for Kids Bundle Includes Cover and Warranty

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Kindle for Kids Bundle
Fun covers for your kids, a healthy warranty for you (Image Credit: Amazon)

Stop me if you’ve heard this one…


Any parent whose child has graduated to using technology unsupervised will know, and fear, that exact scenario. Kids are hard on technology. They pile things on top of fragile tablets. They forget to look before they sit down. They inexplicably think that holding a device over a toilet bowl or bath is going to end in something other than complete destruction. And yet, we want our kids to have access to tablets and e-readers, because of the amazing dearth of digital content that’s available.

Kindle for Kids
I might have to get this just to get the lime green cover! (Image Credit: Amazon)

Amazon feels your pain and is offering a pretty impressive Kindle for Kids bundle that includes the base Kindle reader, your choice of five different exclusive covers, and, most importantly, a two-year “worry-free” replacement warranty.

While it’s not the new Paperwhite, the original Kindle is a more than capable e-reader that’s a workhorse when it comes to battery life. It also has all of the features of the Kindle platform including:

  • Kindle Free Time so that you can keep track of what and how much your kids are reading
  • Vocabulary Builder which automatically adds words your kids have looked up to virtual flashcards on the device
  • Achievements to incentivize reluctant readers
Kindle for Kids Cover
Exclusive colors for the Kindle for Kids program (Image Credit: Amazon)

The covers are a nice bonus. There are four exclusive colors to choose from and all have a magnetic clasp to help keep your Kindle’s display scratch-free. But even the best of cases can’t prevent every tech-destroying scenario. That’s why Amazon is offering a warranty that covers “common accidents” (though, ironically, not fire). While I wouldn’t encourage you tossing your Kindle in a wood chipper to see how lenient the policy is, it sounds like exactly the thing to prevent the hyperventilation those “Crunch, Oops scenarios bring.

The Kindle for Kids bundle is priced at $99, which is $25 less than if you bought the new Kindle, plus a cover, plus a 2-year accident warranty a la carte. It’s easily the best Kindle value on Amazon (unless you’re interested in a high-end reader…in which case, you should check out the Oasis).

So if you’ve got hungry readers that are ready for an e-reader of their own, grab the bundle and breathe easy the next time “Crunch, Oops” happens.

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