Kindle Oasis Review

Kindle Oasis vs. Kindle Voyage – Worth the Premium?

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Kindle Oasis Review
If these were Schuyler sisters, the blue one would be Peggy. Left to right- Kindle, Kindle Oasis, and Kindle Voyage (Photo by Anthony Karcz)

Amazon announced their flagship e-reader, the Kindle Oasis, back in April. Beyond the best-in-industry 300 ppi screen that it shares with the Kindle Voyage and Paperwhite, the Oasis features a unique form factor, 10 LEDs, and an included leather charging cover that can power the device for months.

The problem when it comes to comparing different Kindle versions is that the base functionality of the devices is exactly same (at least among the e-ink readers): you can read and purchase books on a crisp screen that lasts for weeks. The question then becomes, are the extra features built up around that screen worth the extra cash? After all, you can pick up a Kindle Paperwhite, that has the same screen, but without the paucity of LEDs (4 to the Oasis’s 10) or page-turning buttons for over $100 less (or even less than that if you are quick and cash in on the Prime Day deals).

It’s hard to deny that the Kindle Oasis is a premium product. Right out of the box, I was impressed with the feel of the device. I was surprised by how solid it felt even though it was shorter than my Kindle Voyage (the Oasis sports a square form factor). Powering it up, it’s snappy and responsive. And the brightness provided by the 10 LEDs (the Voyage only has 6) is readily apparent. This is one e-reader where you won’t be straining to read the text.

Kindle Oasis Review
Kindle Oasis on the left, Voyage on the right (Photo by Anthony Karcz)

I instantly fell in love with the included cover. The leather is nice and it clicks in to place with a satisfying snap. While it’s there, it’s quietly charging your Kindle. If you’re not a fan of covers for your Kindles, just pop it off when you want to read and your Oasis will be topped off. The only caveat is that you can’t charge the cover without plugging in the Oasis, so my dream of leaving the cover on the charger while I read uninterrupted will have to wait. Still, the book-style cover is worlds better than the add-on Voyage cover with it’s interesting, but ultimately not-that-useful, origami flap.

Kindle Oasis Review
Kindle Oasis on the left, Voyage on the right (Photo by Anthony Karcz)

Reading is as satisfying on the Oasis as it is on the Voyage. The 300 ppi screen is the closest thing to paper you can get in an electronic device. It’s easy on the eyes and reading in the dark doesn’t leave you with a headache (the LEDs illuminate the screen rather than shining in your face). I did find that I missed the Voyage’s automatically adjusting brightness in dark rooms though – the Oasis is brighter, but you have to manually tweak the brightness.

The other thing I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about were the page turn buttons. The Voyage has capacitative buttons that buzz under your thumb as you turn the page. They’re not raised, so it provides a very clean-looking device that effectively provides the same haptic feedback as a button. The Oasis’s actual buttons though? They win hands down. They’re easy to find in the dark, you’re not likely to slip your thumb off them accidentally, and it’s very clear if you’re pressing forward or backwards. And if you switch between hands while reading, flipping the device 180 degrees will reassign the buttons so that they’re still the same. It’s a very thoughtful touch.

If you like to read with one hand, you should definitely consider the Oasis. The square form factor means that it fits readily in one hand. The device has more heft on the side with the page turn buttons as well, so it’s clear that it’s intended to be used this way.

It’s hard to choose between the two high-end Kindles, they provide very similar experiences. But, once you purchase an add-on cover for the Voyage, it’s only $30 more to get the Oasis. For that small a difference, I prefer the Oasis to the Voyage.

However, today only, for Prime Day, Amazon has thrown a very rare discount on the Voyage, taking it all the way down to $149. For a difference of $55 (if you pick up a leather origami cover), it’s hard to pass up. If you miss the deal, and you’re in the market for a high-end Kindle, get the Oasis, it’s clearly the best Kindle that Amazon has to offer and it will make you very happy for a very long time.

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9 thoughts on “Kindle Oasis vs. Kindle Voyage – Worth the Premium?

  1. You just made my decision for me!
    I was trying to decide which one to purchase for my father’s upcoming 75th birthday and I’m definitely going for the Oasis, as having actual buttons is pretty key for him to use it successfully (he worked with his hands for most of his life, and touch screens are not his friend (nor are they mine, as I have diabetes and fairly thick fingertips due to blood glucose testing 12x/day) and I find that the touch screen on my Paperwhite means that sometimes the page turns, sometimes it doesn’t, and sometimes I inadvertently turn two or three pages instead.
    I’m getting him the Oasis (and I’m declaring that I will get my own soon!).

    Thanks a bunch!

  2. I love my Oasis…way more than my Voyager. But that said, in all honest the Oasis has one huge flaw…the display. I’m on my second Oasis and to my eyes, and my wife’s eyes, the Voyager actually looks brighter when both devices are on maximum brightness.

    Additionally, the display on both Oasis devices has a yellow cast, the 10 LEDs emit a cone-shaped visible lighting effect that is maddening, and that side of the display is sort of a bluish white and the other side is a warmer yellow. My Voyager does not have these problems and to me it’s brighter.

    I can’t say enough good about the Oasis and I’m trying to acclimate to these issues, but I’m not sure if I can. The physical buttons are way better than the page turning sensor buttons with haptic feedback on the Voyager, but in the end I use this device for reading…not playing.

    1. so… although you want to recommend the premium model, what you are saying is that the second in line currently beats it to the post?

      1. I love the Oasis, but depending on the deal being offered, the Voyage may be a better value. That said? I’m still a little sad that my wife took the Oasis as her own, lol.

  3. I came into some money and wanted to update my kindle. I chose the Voyager over the Oasis for several reasons. I want more choices in a cover, not just 3. I also do not need a device that has months and months battery life. Whats the big deal if we have to recharge once ever 2-3 weeks?? How lazy are we? lol The voyager is thinner, lighter, brighter and much more cool than the paperwhite . It’s seriously light and $80 cheaper than the oasis so I got the Voyage. The oasis few extra perks to me is not worth the extra cost. What I am really wanting is a larger screen. If the oasis had a screen bigger than 6 inches, even if its not by much, I will buy it. 6.5-7.5 would be perfect and more in lines of the size of an actual book

  4. I have heard my friends talking about kindle oasis is not too good. I am currently using kindle paperwhile but want to have my hands on the kindle Oasis. But you seems to be have your hands on it, Does kindle Oasis has good resolutions that wont affect my eyes?

  5. “It’s hard to choose between the two high-end Kindles, they provide very similar experiences. But, once you purchase an add-on cover for the Voyage, it’s only $30 more to get the Oasis. For that small a difference, I prefer the Oasis to the Voyage.”
    I’m not sure about this. I mean, you’re talking about an 85$ cover? How a price comparison could be based on purchasing a 85$ cover? It’s plenty of cheap (and absolutely decent) covers designed for the Voyage. The real price difference would not be so “small” after all.

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