Review – Future State: Justice League #2 – Rise of the Hyperclan

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FS: Justice League #2 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Future State: Justice League #2 – Joshua Williamson, Ram V, Writers; Robson Rocha/Daniel Henriques, Mariko Tamaki, Artists; Romulo Fajardo Jr, Marcelo Maiolo, Colorists

Ray – 8.5/10

Ray: While the first issue of this series had a lot of heavy lifting to do to introduce us to a Justice League with a very different dynamic, this issue gives us not one—but two. The squad has been captured and replaced by the evil white martians known as the Hyperclan. While these villains win the support of the public and try to put into play their leader’s plan for revenge, the real Justice League finds themselves trapped on a desolate fire world with little hope for survival—and growing tensions among their own numbers.

Acts of heroism? Via DC Comics.

While the main plot involving the white martians is strong, what really impresses me about Williamson’s story here is the way he changes the team’s dynamic in only forty pages. These Leaguers barely seem like allies at first but start to seem like genuine friends by the end. While all the heroes get some good moments in this issue, it continues to be Kid Quick and Jo Mullein who really steal the show, while the new Superman and Batman don’t have quite as much meat on their storylines yet. I’m hoping that Williamson will get to continue work on some of these characters in the future.

Wrath of Fate. Via DC Comics.

Meanwhile, over in Ram V’s Justice League Dark, we see the heroes make their last desperate stand against Merlin. While Detective Chimp and Zatanna took the lead last issue, it’s Khalid and the helmet of fate who are the key to this story. A flashback shows where he’s been all this time, and as Merlin’s army continues to march across the world, the young bearer of the helm is forced to make a potentially devastating choice. Equally interesting is the subplot involving exactly what has happened to the missing Jason Blood. With Etrigan tied to Detective Chimp now, there’s a fascinating and tragic history behind the two characters. The eventually reveal is a great cliffhanger, although it feels like trying to cram this much story into forty pages led to some things being rushed. That’s a common thing in Future State—a lot of excellent writing with a format that might not always serve it well.

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