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More D&D Battlemaps for Towns and Taverns From Loke Battle Mats

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The battlemaps from Loke Battlemats are a quick and easy way for Dungeon Masters to speed up their preparation time for Dungeons & Dragons games. I’m a big fan of these high quality RPG map books and the latest release from Loke Battlemats, Towns & Taverns, maintains the high standards and quality I’ve grown to expect. 


From battles in village squares to dock side adventures, the Towns & Taverns battlemaps set features all the locations you might require for urban encounters in your fantasy setting. Included are two books which can be seamlessly placed side by side to align and create a decent-sized encounter map suitable for small or large skirmishes.  


Like the previous releases from Loke Battle Mats, both books feature the standard 1-inch-square grids and are a must have tool to illustrate your game and track your dungeon combat scenes.

Here are the key features:

  • Portable, fits in your bag or on a bookshelf
  • Flexible and adaptive with a large play area
  • Can be used with any fantasy RPG
  • Presented as two modular books each with 40 map pages
  • You can create up to 24” x 24” battle map areas
  • 1-inch grid throughout
  • Fully laminated pages to easily clean off dry erase markers
  • Wire-bound so they lay flat
  • Linked designs on facing pages so you can use single-page or double-page

2 Large Books of Battlemaps

The Towns & Taverns battlemaps set comes with two large books. Every page has the standard 1-inch grid and the books, unfurled, are each 24″ by 24″, giving a huge potential encounter map of 24″by 48″. The two map books are fully laminated throughout and easily wipe clean, so you can use dry erase pens to mark off spell effects or changes in terrain, and then simply wipe them clean after the battle.

The Towns & Tavern battlemaps allow you to generate hundreds of different town layouts by connecting two books together.

Like their previous books of battlemaps, the wire-bound spine allows the books to open completely flat or fold in half to fit your space and adventure. It also means you can ensure the books are 100% level so your adventure can move seamlessly across the map. 

Each page has linked designs which feature standard entry and exit points so the books will always line up perfectly, allowing you to move with ease through alleyways, taverns, docks, and coaching inns as your adventure unfolds.

Using two books of battlemaps together allows dungeon masters to create fantastic large encounter maps and fill out vast villas, halls, or castles with multiple characters running around in all different directions.

Add-On Scenery for RPG Maps

In addition to the fantastic battlemap books, Loke Battle Mats have now released two new sets of add-on scenery, perfect for customizing your encounters. Magic Effects and Town Trimmings are the latest set of reusable static clings that you can use to set out obstacles, tables, magical auras, tentacles pits, weapon stashes, and much, much more.

d&d battle mats

I have spent so many D&D games using bottlecaps, pencil cases, candy packets, and dice boxes to stand in for furniture and fittings in my battlemaps, but now, thanks to these packs of add-on scenery , I have a quick and affordable way of signposting the interior aspects of these locations. 

The Town Trimmings set includes over 100 reusable static clings and features all of the aspects of your towns, inns, castles, and town halls. Both interior and exterior elements are included, such as roofs, street furniture, shop furniture, feast tables, hearths, and more, which all instantly add realism and a host of features to your battle maps.

These packs are a huge time saver for Dungeon Masters who can now customize any laminated battlemaps in moments or prepare ahead of time.

Our most recent adventure saw the sorcerer open a portal to Avernus that sucked in all the denizens of a tavern into a lava pit. This scene was in no way inspired by the awesome add-on scenery from Loke Battlemats and would have definitely happened without them…


I really like these Towns & Taverns Books and add-on scenery packs, and with each new release, Loke Battlemats is really adding to their offering and value. As a time-strapped Dungeon Master I know there is no upper limit to the time-saving resources you can have to reduce preparation time before your games, and to that end these books are priceless. They’re also really high quality, and my players are always impressed with the designs and features included. I often have to stop them from grabbing the books while we’re playing as they flick through the pages, trying to pick out their ideal next environment.   


Disclaimer: GeekDad received a copy of these Battle Mats for review purposes.


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