Review – Superman #28: Fond Farewells

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Superman #28 cover, via DC Comics.

Superman #28 – Brian Michael Bendis, Writer; Ivan Reis, Penciller; Danny Miki, Inker; Alex Sinclair, Colorist

Ray – 8/10

Ray: It’s the end of Brian Michael Bendis’ Superman run after a little more than two years, although between his two titles he’ll have written a fifty-issue plus run. While Action Comics was defined by Metropolis-based crime stories, this series has been much more cosmic. So for the final issue, there’s a decent battle of over-the-top space action with a surprisingly human touch. When we last left off, the insane Synmar had managed to capture Superman and trap him for trial on his home planet—or so we thought. It’s quickly revealed that Synmar has become an object of fear to his homeworld, and this entire plot has been a thinly veiled attempt to get him back to the planet so they can try to help him. It’s an intriguing twist and makes it make a bit more sense how little characterization the villain has had until now. And the battle scenes with Ivan Reis’ art are genuinely spectacular, some of his best work since his Green Lantern days.

Superman #28 variant cover, via DC Comics.

The best parts of this issue, though, are the moments where Bendis gets to express his personal take on Superman a little more. Superman’s influence in founding the United Planets pays dividends this issue, and I loved the brief scenes with Supergirl. One of my biggest regrets about this run is that Bendis didn’t get to write Kara as much as he could have. Lois Lane didn’t have as much to do in this run as she did in Action, but she returns for the final scenes this issue as she and Superman reach out to a civilian who has helped Superman in an unexpected way. The use of Lana Lang in this run never amounted to all that much, but her role here as the narrator (of Lois’ passage about Superman) works nicely. There are some great moments in this issue, but it often feels like the end of an act—not the end of a run as a whole. I’m not sure where Bendis lands after this run, but I hope he gets to continue to place his stamp on the DCU.

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