WCP: Re-Visiting ‘V for Vendetta’


Do you remember the 5th of November?

Jake + Mitch (finally) dive into one of the finest comic book flicks of recent memory, V for Vendetta. Fifteen years later and the film still feels fresh and timely. But even thru all deserved critical acclaim and cult status, there are still a few key facets worth unpacking.

– Is V for Vendetta the Good Will Hunting of comic book movies?
Could Natalie Portman be the MVP?
– Who does this movie belong to?: The Wachowski Sisters or James McTeigue

A bold, stunning, and herculean film all-in-all; the guys ultimately share the lukewarm take that V delivers the goods. Also along the way, Mitch recalls tales from high school dating and Jake shares the brief history of his baldness.

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