‘#UpsideDownChallenge Game’ Literally Challenges Your Perception

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What Is #UpsideDownChallenge Game?

#UpsideDownChallenge Game is a quick, hilarious party game for 2-6 players, ages eight and up that will literally challenge your perception of even the most basic tasks. It’s currently available for purchase.

#UpsideDownChallenge Game Components

  • 1 pair of upside-down goggles
  • 25 challenge cards
  • 5 “Make your own challenge” cards
  • 1 pad of paper
  • 1 instruction sheet

How to Play #UpsideDownChallenge Game

The Goal

The goal of the game is to successfully complete five challenges while wearing the goggles.


The setup is super simple—get everything out of the box and shuffle the cards!


Each player takes a turn drawing a card, putting on the upside-down goggles, and attempting their challenge. There are also blank cards to create your own challenges.

My attempt at upside-down drawing a car.

Challenges involve tasks ranging from fairly simple (write your name) to very challenging (walk through an obstacle course). However, even the most simple challenges are much harder than you’d expect! The only rule to completing the challenge is that you can’t close your eyes—closing your eyes and trying to do the challenges without seeing is actually WAY easier than trying to fight your brain and perception through the goggles. 

To scale the difficulty of some challenges you can also set a time limit. (We opted for 60 seconds as a general rule.) And, of course, whether or not somebody was successful at a challenge can be pretty subjective, and we were pretty lenient because really playing the game and watching each other attempt challenges is where the fun of #UpsideDownChallenge really shines.

Game End

The game ends when a player successfully completes five challenges.

Why You Should Play #UpsideDownChallenge Game

Not only are the challenges fun and a great conversation starter about perception and how our brains process visual stimuli, but the goggles are fun to play with and try to accomplish regular everyday tasks—like walking in a straight line! Our kids keep getting out the goggles and trying to do all sorts of various things from drawing to playing other games. The fun with the goggles alone is pretty much limitless!

Two things I did want to note that may be factors for some potential buyers are that you can’t wear the goggles over glasses. Depending on your vision without your glasses, this can either just be an additional challenge level or it could make the game unplayable. The second thing is that, while there really is no bottom age range for playing the game, the goggles will not work on kids who are too small. Our son who is seven (technically below the age range) actually loves the game the most and uses the goggles frequently; however, our daughter who is almost five doesn’t quite fit in them regardless of how many times she tries.

For more information or to purchase, head over to Amazon!

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