Review – The Green Lantern: Season Two #8 – Strange Reversals

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The Green Lantern: Season Two #8 variant cover, via DC Comics.

The Green Lantern: Season Two #8 – Grant Morrison, Writer; Liam Sharp, Artist; Steve Oliff, Colorist

Ray – 8/10

Ray: The Green Lantern has been Grant Morrison’s first mainstream comic work in a few years, so it stands to reason he holds back a little from his usual Morrison-esque insanity. Well, no more! This issue is easily the most experimental and strange of the run, and as such it’s likely to be the most divisive. For one thing, this story is told backwards, from the perspective of one of the antimatter Weaponers of Qward, as we see the Green Lantern Corps’ attack in their enemy from the perspective of the bad guys. But this issue takes that gimmick seriously – while all the dialogue from the Weaponers is normal, all dialogue from the Green Lantern Corps is reversed, making it a little challenging to read. That’s basically Morrison’s MO – he likes to play with the format of the comic book, but at times it becomes overwhelming and distracts from the actual story as in some of his indie books.

Crime and punishment. Via DC Comics.

The story may not be the focus of this issue compared to the visuals and tricks, but it’s pretty entertaining in itself. Told in reverse, it starts with a Weaponer being tortured by the authorities. As the story moves back hours and minutes at a time, it reveals the mistakes he made along the way and why the Green Lanterns were so determined to hunt him down. But the most interesting part of this issue is the return of one of the most significant characters in the Green Lantern mythos – Sinestro, who has a surprisingly enmeshed relationship with the Weaponer at the center of the story. This series has run the gamut from wildly inventive and groundbreaking to strange and confusing, but it’s never uninteresting. It’s the kind of bold experimental storytelling that Morrison is known for, and it’s definitely the best Green Lantern run since the heyday of the Johns run.

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