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Pamper Your MacBook With Harber London Leather Goods

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Founded in 2012 in an unassuming London flat, Harber London combines the high-flying aesthetic of luxury leather goods with a dose of down-to-earth humility—not exactly surprising considering the humble beginnings of this family-run business. The end result is, in their own words, a line of “honest, high quality, and functional products to help you carry better.” I recently put this claim to the test when I took one of their Slim Leather MacBook Sleeves for a spin.

My new MacBook Air is, at the risk of sounding trite, my baby. I use it for writing and research, for editing and recording podcasts, and even for the odd bit of gaming, all from the comfort of… well, wherever I happen to be. After six or so months on lockdown, I’ve recently been traveling a lot more, stowing my MBA in my new WaterField sling for safety on the go. Unfortunately for those times when I have to free-hand carry my MacBook, the sling’s laptop slot doesn’t exactly accommodate a bulky case. Enter the Slim Leather MacBook Sleeve from Harber London.

Like all of Harber’s wares, this case is handcrafted in Spain of responsibly-sourced premium materials. The exterior, available in four striking hues, is buttery soft full-grain leather precision-tooled to my device’s specifications. Aside from a single embossed Harber London logo, it’s wholly devoid of extraneous labels or markings, giving it a timeless look that spotlights the construction itself rather than screaming the name of the company that made it.

Harber London Slim Leather MackBook Sleeve
image: Harber London

While there are iterations with zippers, snaps, and magnetic closures, the basic sleeve is open at the free end, with a nice material overhang of about half an inch for some added protection. The inside is lined with 100% wool felt in a beautiful steel grey color that compliments the Space Grey of my MacBook itself while also providing just the tiniest amount of friction when I slide the device in and out.

The stitching is top-notch, perfectly sturdy and color-coordinated to, again, spotlight the style and quality of the exterior leather. The fit is similarly flawless, tight enough to hold the laptop snug but not so much that it requires too much force to apply.

At $91, there are certainly more affordable alternatives out there for slimline MacBook cases, but the obvious level of care and quality demonstrated by Harber London certainly takes the sting out of the sticker price. Best of all, this includes free worldwide shipping (mine arrived via FedEx here in the States in just a couple of days), a one-year warranty, and an easy 30-day return policy.

With the holiday season fast approaching, the Harber London Slim Leather MacBook Sleeve is an ideal gift for someone special on your list—and if your resident techy isn’t a Mac person, there are similar options available for iPad, Kindle, and Dell’s XPS line. Harber also boasts its own range of fine leather wallets, bags, organizers, and more, practically everything you need to satisfy even the toughest of customers. Assuming, of course, said customers aren’t vegan.

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