Flor Bromley Fall Vid, Dan Elliott Preps for Halloween

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Children’s music is big enough for two Peruvian-heritage performers. Los Angeles-based Twinkle (Alitzah Warren) holds daily webcasts and Instagram sessions with her fans, and New York-based Flor Bromley has packed her schedule a well. 

Flor had the timing misfortune of debuting her latest release, Global Fiesta immediately prior to the world getting slammed shut by the global pandemic (Global Siesta would have been more appropriate). She conceived a “Fiesta Global” concept with the advent of children using technology to communicate and interact. Presciently, that’s exactly how kids from Japan or Perú are now creating and celebrating together, even if coronavirus hadn’t expedited the situation. You can order Global Fiesta from Flor’s website

Flor spent the past few months assembling a video for the album’s song “Otoño,” which means “Fall” in Spanish. The tune extols the pleasures and treasures of the season, from the colors of the leaves, to pumpkins and apple picking. Listen to “Otoño” from SpotifyApple Music, and Amazon

Here is the video:


Dan Elliott (Pointed Man Band) gets the kids into the spooky seasonal spirit with his new song, “Halloween.” Assisted by Patrick Hanlin (of Josh and the Jamtones fame), the song rocks out with a warning that candy-hungry kids are coming to your home very, very soon:

Yeah we’re knocking on your doors
Now we’re traipsing through the garden
Picking pumpkins from the patch near the old scarecrow
Now we’re running through the rows as the darkness will darken!
I’ve read a bunch of comparisons of Halloween to the global pandemic (it’s here, be scared, etc). However Dan and friends strive to de-mystify the process, and bring it back to its core components – getting together on the one night of the year where it’s okay to be scared, in the name of St. Hallow’s Eve. You can grab the track at Bandcamp and make your contribution to the cause.

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