Take a Sneak Peek at ‘Masters of the Universe: Fields of Eternia’

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By the power of Greyskull… I have the power!

With those words, Prince Adam transforms into He-Man! Fans of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe will be excited to hear that there’s a new adventure board game based on the franchise coming soon from Mattel and Archon Studio.

In advance of the game hitting Kickstarter later this year, Archon Studio has produced a limited edition He-Man and Battle Cat miniature. As opposed to the plastic miniatures that will come with the game, this one is cast in resin. It’s usable in the game and currently available to purchase. Unfortunately, due to a licensing agreement, it is only available in Europe.

However, Archon Studio sent me out one to take a look at.

He-Man box. Image by Paul Benson.
Back of the box. Image by Paul Benson.

Inside the box is a character card for use in the upcoming board game and a 32mm-scale single piece resin miniature of He-Man astride his trusty Battle Cat.

The included character card. Image by Paul Benson.

Here’s the miniature, straight out of the box. The detail and quality of the sculpt speaks for itself.

He-Man on Battle Cat mini. Image by Paul Benson.

To get an idea of the size of the mini, here it is alongside a Necromunda figure from Games Workshop in 28mm “heroic” scale, which is fairly close to 32mm.

A size comparison of He-Man and a Palanite Enforcer. Image by Paul Benson.

And here’s a slideshow where you can get some more looks at the great sculpt.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you’re in Europe (or have a friend who can get one for you), you can buy this He-Man and Battle Cat miniature right now. It’s limited to only 2000 units, though, so be sure to act fast.

Look for the Kickstarter campaign later this year. You can go to this page to sign up for previews, news, and notification of the Kickstarter launch. And keep an eye out for future limited releases, like Skeletor on Panthor.

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