Review – Batman Beyond #46: Deep Freeze

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Batman Beyond #46 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Batman Beyond #46 – Dan Jurgens, Writer; Sean Chen, Penciller; Sean Parsons, Inker; Chris Sotomayor, Colorist

Ray – 8.5/10

Ray: The entire Bat-family is united for their biggest threat yet, as the evil Zeh-Ro has wrested control of the League of Assassins from Damian Wayne and put into place Ra’s Al Ghul’s ultimate fail-safe – one that could end all life on Earth. A massive space-based machine that threatens to freeze the entire world solid has launched, and to stop it the Bats will have to go where they rarely dare – outer space. An opening segment that has them find Bruce Wayne’s hidden Bat-spaceship segues into a scene right out of Star Wars as they fight off mobile gunneries, dock on the massive solar array, and fight off League of Assassin minions as they race the clock before the solar screen becomes too large and thick to destroy. Sean Chen delivers some great action visuals, and the pace of the issue is fast-paced without ever being confusing or frantic.

Cramped quarters. Via DC Comics.

The thing that really makes the plot work, though, is the way it’s filtered through so many characters and their very different ways of tackling the situation. Damian continues to snark on everyone in sight, seeming like he hasn’t matured all that much since his pre-teen years. Elianna Grayson, the new Batwoman and the youngest member of the space team, frequently takes his bait and loves to show him up. Terry tries his best to keep peace, while Goliath does a great job as the team’s Chewbacca. On Earth, Bruce, Matt, and a rapidly-deaging Commissioner Barbara Gordon battle to survive as the deep freeze sets in on Earth. These segments are the tensest of the issue, driving home the true scope of the threat they face even as all their survivals is guaranteed just by the nature of comic books. It’s a highly entertaining old-school adventure tale as the series heads towards the big #50 mark.

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