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A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a review of the Origins Game Table from BBO Poker Tables, a new entry in the expanding world of board game tables. I’m extremely happy with the table and have played several games on it so far.

You may have seen other board game companies debut their tables with Kickstarter campaigns, but BBO has decided to go a slightly different route. They’re launching what they call a “YouStarter” campaign, which is an opportunity to get the Origins Game Table at a steep discount… and into your hands much sooner than most other companies can deliver their tables.

Black Origins Game Table. Image by BBO Poker Tables.

What Is the YouStarter Campaign?

At its heart, this is a word of mouth campaign designed to offer the Origins Game Table at the lowest discount possible, as a reward for helping to launch this new line of gaming tables. Using the special link that I’m able to provide for you, you’ll be able to purchase your own table for 40% off the retail price. That’s twice the discount that you can currently get by going directly to the BBO Poker Table website.

This promotion starts on August 22nd and ends on October 22nd. However, the earlier you purchase your table, the better it will be. The first 80 backers will be Wave 1, with a projected delivery of their tables starting on December 1st of this year! As a bonus, those first 80 backers will also receive 25% off table upgrades and 50% off a second playmat. Subsequent waves will ship later, and while there will still be bonus discounts, they will be smaller in size.

Removing the dining top. Image by BBO Poker Tables.

The base Origins Game Table will be available for $1367.40 (full price $2279), or you can get it with a removable dining top for $1846.80. It’s available in three different colors of finish, and there are multiple options for upgrades and playing surfaces. As standard, the Origins Game Table will come with a neoprene playmat.

One of the available neoprene playmat designs. Image by BBO Poker Tables.

Should You Back the YouStarter Campaign?


Oh, you wanted more? Then go back and read my review if you haven’t already. Not only will you be getting an attractive, quality table at a great price, but BBO has the infrastructure in place to get the tables manufactured and out to you fast. One game table company currently running their Kickstarter campaign has several waves of pledges shipping in 2022, or even as late as 2023 if you’re not in the United States! BBO is anticipating shipping their tables throughout December 2020 and the first half of 2021.

Set up for a 4-player game of Rurik: Dawn of Kiev on my Origins table. Image by Paul Benson.

So if you’re ready to take the plunge on a great gaming table, then use this link to head over to the promotion page and lock in your discount. You will need to click on the Group Buy button and enter your information to receive your 40% off coupon.

Remember to be sure to use that specific link; just going to the regular page for the Origins Game Table at BBO Poker won’t give you the 40% discount. And who knows? You could be gaming on your very own beautiful board game table during the holidays this year.

A closer look at Rurik on my Origins table. Image by Paul Benson.

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