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Lois Lane #12 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Lois Lane #12 – Greg Rucka, Writer; Mike Perkins, Artist; Andy Troy, Colorist

Ray – 8/10

Ray: As we reach the end of this year-long series, it’s safe to say it’s a good series – it’s just not the good series anyone was expecting. It’s less a Lois Lane spotlight than a Greg Rucka spotlight, as he brings together the key characters from every major DC run he’s done for the last twenty years. That includes Lois, along with Renee Montoya, but also obscure players like Jessica Midnight. The main threat that’s been pursuing them over the course of the run is gone, but now a far bigger, existential crisis is waiting for them. As Lois submits her story to Perry White – in a hilarious bit that sends up her constant spelling mistakes and implies they may be a result of her trolling him – she’s got one big question to answer. Does she break the story of the multiverse’s existence and the constant reboots to a public that may find it to be a mindbreaking revelation that could cause social unrest?

The last investigation. Via DC Comics.

Much like the first issue, there are a lot of overarching social themes. When in the first issue we saw an entrenched, corrupt President making life hell for a crusading journalist, this issue we see the journalists’ revenge as the President finds himself encircled by the truth and his victims begin to get their freedom. An omen of things to come? Hopefully. But even in this last issue, the story feels scattered. Renee is off on her own adventure with her new love interest Elicia, and it feels like their story is just beginning even as the book ends. The last segment, where Lois blows the roof off the cosmic secrets of the DCU on live TV, is just begging for follow-up – but are we actually going to get one? Rucka’s comics often feel like they exist in their own world, and that’s definitely the case here. But this title teases so much interesting material that it’ll be a shame if it just stays there.

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