Delaque Gangers

GeekDad Paints! – A Delaque Ganger

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Delaque GangerIn my last GeekDad Paints! article, I painted an Escher ganger in preparation for playing Necromunda once it’s safe to meet up with my friends again. 

I’m planning on running two gangs for our videos, so I’ve since been working on my second gang, House Delaque. Again, I wanted to go for a quick and achievable paint scheme; something I could replicate quickly and easily. 

For the painting, I’ve used a selection of paints, including some Citadel Contrast paints, though I think I could easily replace traditional paints in the places where I’ve used Contrasts, which I’ve only employed for the pallid skin tones for gang members. Games Workshop even has a paint called Pallid Wytch Flesh so a substitute would be easy to find!

The main technique used for this gang was the cloak highlights. I wanted to add increasing brighter greens to build up the intensity of layers on the cloaks. I find this method of painting cloaks very therapeutic!

I hope you enjoy the video – If you have any questions, please do ask in the comments. 

Next up, I hope to be jumping across to Atomic Mass Game’s Crisis Protocol, with Gamora and Nebula. 

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