Review — ‘Legion of Super-Heroes’ #6: The New Kids

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Legion of Super-Heroes #6 – Brian Michael Bendis, Writer; Ryan Sook, Penciller; Wade Von Grawbadger, Inker; Jordie Bellaire, Colorist

Ray – 8/10

Ray: It’s been a while since an episode of Brian Bendis’ newest book, and he hasn’t lost a step in terms of explosive action. The cover hypes the arrival of a pair of new Legionnaires, and they deliver some interesting moments. Monster Boy appears to be an alien-shifter who takes on the form of the being that’s best suited for each crisis. That causes some problems as a hideous monster form isn’t really the best way to rescue people. Gold Lantern, meanwhile, is a complete enigma and seems to be the only Lantern around at the moment. Lots more to discover about this new guy, but there’s really no time to discuss it here as the Earth is dealing with a massive invasion of Horraz pirates in control of Aquaman’s trident, and looking to take their anger against the Legion out on Earth. This is the fastest read of the series, as it’s got almost ten widescreen double-page spreads throughout.

That may work to the series’ advantage, though. A Legion series should never feel bogged down in dialogue, even with the massive cast, and this issue takes on the feel of an epic blockbuster movie. The dialogue is neatly spliced in with the action scenes, and we get a good sense of how Jon is slowly fitting in with his new allies from the future. I was a little worried that Jon’s “fame” would overwhelm the rest of the team, but he’s a regular part of the ensemble with enough spotlight going to the core three and the newbies. The previous arc, which dealt with Computo getting Jon up to speed, was a little slow. This one is much more like what a Legion title should be, and the last few pages have a nice twist that shows how the Legion can be a game-changer for a devastated Earth. I don’t know if Bendis plans to stay on the Legion after he wraps his Superman run, but he has a good handle on this unique world.

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