Debut Videos from Dana, Go Banana Go, & Lindsay Munroe

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Dana’s Music Playground (with her friend Curious George)

For the first time in more than 100 years, the New York subway system is getting shut down at night (for decontamination and cleaning). But what if animals had commutes similar to their human counterparts? Dana’s Music Playground humorously imagines the traffic blockages that result from all kinds of subterranean animals going about their day on the tune, “Underground Traffic Jam,” from her upcoming album, A Place To Call Home. Preorder the CD here. Here is the premiere of the video:

Go Banana Go released their debut CD, Hiya! earlier this month (apologies for no review as yet). Jim Roach and Brian Wecht teamed up to deliver a dozen tracks that have made inroads on SiriusXM Kids Place and in homes. For a sample of their work, here’s the new video for the song, “Super Cow”:

Speaking of mass transit, we recently celebrated National Train Day (well, who doesn’t love trains?). Children’s music artist Lindsay Munroe released the song “Little Red Caboose” as part of her new CD, I Am Kind. There’s an activity based around the song, which you can find here. And watch the video:

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