5 Trailers That Ruled New York Comic Con 2016

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This past weekend, New York Comic Con took over New York City, as scores of fans waited eagerly (and in long lines) to catch a glimpse of what’s next in movies, television and comics. An integral part of the Comic Con experience is the braggadocio of being first.

Who doesn’t love taking to Twitter to boast about being in a room with Matt Damon and seeing “exclusive” scenes from his new movie? I fondly remember Guillermo De Toro presenting scenes from Pacific Rim at New York Comic Con in 2012 , weeks before even a teaser trailer was released publicly. It was a unique experience. It felt special.

These days, however, the experience feels less so. Just minutes after a new trailer is released at Comic Con, that same trailer hits the web for all to see. Sure, it’s still awesome being in the same room with the creators and stars, and sometimes you do get truly “exclusive” clips or full episode previews, but nowadays, you can catch up on most by simply logging onto YouTube. That said, here are the five best trailer reveals of New York Comic Con 2016:

Black Mirror Season 3

A welcome return for TV’s modern day equivalent to The Twilight Zone. Black Mirror comes to Netflix on October 21st!

Iron Fist

Another piece of the Marvel/Netflix Defenders saga comes into play. This trailer looks great, but I have to be honest, it doesn’t have me as excited as the Luke Cage trailer did.

John Wick: Chapter 2

John Wick is quite possibly the best action film of the past ten years. I have high hopes for the sequel, and this trailer looks more than promising.

Power Rangers

The suits look great, but we hardly see them in this trailer. Plus, as filmmaker Max Landis pointed out, this first Power Rangers trailer presents a story that strongly resembles his excellent 2012 film; Chronicle. This is a big movie, and I’m eager to see more, but the next trailer had better include a little comic relief, some morphing super robots and Bryan Cranston’s Zordon, or I’m out.


Netflix wins! This is the third Netflix trailer premiere of the Con, and another standout. How can you possibly go wrong with Guillermo del Toro creating an animated, children’s series about an underground troll civilization?

Honorable Mention: The Great Wall

Legendary Director Zhang Yimou (Raise the Red Lantern, House of Flying Daggers) brings a massive, new vision of Chinese folklore to the screen in what looks like Chinese Cinema’s answer to Lord of the Rings.

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