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In the era of Covid-19 and the accompanying shelter-in-place orders, most of us are missing out on acts which should have taken place during the shutdown.

Quarantine Acts on YouTube

Countless concerts, school events, vacations, and public appearances have been canceled, with no hope of a make-up session later. Thankfully, acts from all over the world are putting out content to fill in the gaps. Whether you need wholesome happy stories, music, entertainment for your kids, or just some comic/boredom relief, we thought we’d share 5 acts that consistently produce videos for us all to enjoy.

Quarantine Quitchen with Alton and Elizabeth Brown

Quarantine Quitchen is hosted on Alton Brown’s Youtube channel and includes mature content such as swearing and drinking alcohol. It’s an uproarious time, where we get to see the candid personality of Alton Brown as he cooks at home, away from all the props and special equipment found in the Good Eats set. Elizabeth is Alton’s wife and she adds humor and skill to the episodes which compliment Alton’s occasional nonsense. Episodes run for about an hour, unless Alton’s still in the middle of something, in which case the show goes long. As a bonus treat, in some episodes, Alton and Elizabeth perform duets on the guitar and bass, respectively.

The only difficulty with this channel is that the quarantine videos aren’t labeled consistently, and it can be a challenge to watch them all in order.


Goldfinger Quarantine Music Videos

Quarantine Acts YouTube
Image: Screen Shot From ‘Get What I Need (Quarantine Video)’

This blast from the past act has released four new music videos for us to enjoy.

Each video is a composite video, with all the parts recorded separately and combined into one unified music video. They started with “Here in Your Bedroom,” followed by “Superman,” featured in the classic Play Station game: Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, and brought some newer blood to the scene with “Get What I Need.” Most recently, they added a reprise of “99 Red Balloons.” Each video is full of energy and passion, which makes for a nice contrast to the slow, slow pace of quarantine.


Screen Shot From ‘Some Good News with John Krasinski Ep. 1’

This new act, straight from John Krasinski’s home office, is dedicated to providing a 100% “good news” platform. This program amounts to an effort to bring some cheer to the quarantine season. The channel boasts an impressive 2.24M subscribers and produces a new video every few days. Watch the first episode (15 minutes) to get a feel for the show, and strap in for some smiles along the way.

Right out the door, John tackles the challenge of finding good news in the Covid-19 era. I was hooked by the early comment: “And what a week for good news it was. Because, yes, without question, we are all going through an incredibly trying time. But – through all the anxiety, through all the confusion, all the isolation, and all the Tiger King, somehow the human spirit still found a way to break through and blow us all away.”

Look out for Episode 2, as it features the full cast of Hamilton.


The Tonight Show: At Home Edition

Screen Shot From ‘The Tonight Show: At Home Edition (The First One)’

Jimmy Fallon records ‘The Tonight Show: At Home Edition‘ from home, showing us exactly how adorably awkward he can be while still delivering on the content for the show. Most episodes are broken into clips which run from a digestible length of 2:30 up to about 10 minutes.

This is a great show for those who need a quick distraction or just don’t want to spend a lot of time in front of a screen. For those who want longer content, Jimmy has interviews and guest performances which run from about 15 to 45 minutes, featuring artists like Niall Horan and John Legend.

Wes Tank – Dr. Seuss Raps over Dr. Dre Beats

Screen Shot From ‘FOX IN SOX | Dr. Seuss Raps over Dr. Dre Beats’

Wes takes Dr. Seuss and makes it digestible for those of us who have read those books countless times. He raps over pre-recorded beats by Dr. Dre. My personal video is Fox In Sox, and I’m not alone in enjoying it as it’s had about 3.5 million views on YouTube. Other titles performed by Wes include Hop on Pop, One Fish Blue Fish, Cat in the Hat, The Lorax, and Green Eggs and Ham.

What acts are you following? Share in the comments!

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