PaizoCon 2020 Goes Online – May 26-31

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PaizoCon’s 2020 gaming convention scheduled for this Memorial Day weekend has been moved to an online format and expanded to run instead on May 26-31. Best of all, it’s free!

Get ready to stay safe at home as you play awesome Pathfinder and Starfinder games with friends around the world!

The traditional, on-site, convention was, of course, and like so many other conventions, cancelled due to the pandemic– but that’s not going to keep us from gaming; PaizoCon’s gaming, seminars, and live-plays will be still be provided in an online format for our enjoyment!

PaizoCon is heavily focused on playing Pathfinder, Starfinder, the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game and all things Paizo. In addition though there are seminars on world building, monster creation, art, and so much more. One of my sons and I usually partake in a good balance of gaming, seminars, and other activities and have been going for the past ten years. This will be the first PaizoCon with heavy Pathfinder Second Edition play.

Know Direction Podcast, long time Paizo partners and Pathfinder enthusiasts, with years of streaming experience will be helping with the seminars and other streams, likely on Twitch, and gaming will be scheduled on Warhorn, with games played on various virtual table top platforms such as Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, Astral, D20 Pro, and utilizing a PaizoCon Online Discord server for general hangout.

I have never played an online live game with strangers before, and just like PaizoCon over ten years ago got me to sit down at a table to game with strangers for the first time, I’m going to take this opportunity to break out of my shell and play some virtual games with other, previously unknown, gamers!

According to the press release the PaizoCon Online 2020 homepage with “schedules, game registration, and more details is scheduled to go live on May 1.”

The important thing to note here, is that registration for games goes live on May 1 for GM volunteers and May 16th for players. In the discussion forums it was stated that tables are first-come-first-served. Sign-up is on the Warhorn site. So, if you want to game, make sure you have a Warhorn login and be ready to start picking tables! If you want to play Pathfinder Society 1st or 2nd edition, or Starfinder Society games, make sure you also have the appropriate accounts set up on the Paizo site.

From the Warhorn site;

We will open the convention for GM signup ONLY on Friday, May 1st at 1pm(pdt) and close it at midnight on Wednesday, May 13th. During this time, only GM signups will be permitted. All sign ups in player slots will be deleted. Player signups will open on Saturday, May 16th at 1pm(pdt).

If you’re unable to get signed up, or just find yourself with some time May 26-31, stop by, Paizo tweets that tables will be available for “walk-ups” (stream-bys?) every day of the con!

Stay tuned and check back on the Paizo site, May 1st for more information!

PaizoCon Online 2020 is free for attendees, so, why not distract yourself from this pandemic and come game!

Edit: Updated to reflect sign-up dates for GMs vs players.

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