Debut of New Danny Weinkauf Video, Chibi Kodama Music

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Danny Weinkauf (and his Red Pants Band cohorts, including lead vocalist Tina Kenny-Jones) has released a stop-motion video for “Dinosaurs on Roller Skates,” the first track of his new CD, Dinosaurs and Metaphors. The video is the work of college freshman Madison Durand, a student of Tim Labonte (a Red Pants Band fan who created the band’s “Cast My Vote” and “Tricycle” videos). According to Danny, Madison was learning basic animation and started working with him  back in high school. This is her third video for the band, after “Eyes in the Back of Her Head” and “Only One You”:


John Cullimore’s family band project Chibi Kodama is back with fresh music. Here’s the second track released in 2020, “Energy.” The song is about feeling comfortable in your own skin. Listen, pay for the download, and share the song here:

ENERGY by Chibi Kodama

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