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Radio Free Hipster Ep. 107: Leaps and Bounds

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Recorded on a sick day and mixed on… a second sick day, this episode of RFH contains all the music and four times the dextromethorphan of your regularly scheduled podcast.

You can listen via the player below, download episode 107 directly, or subscribe to the RSS feed. I tried really hard not to cough into the mic.

00:44 Wordburglar – “That Metroplex Life (feat. Hot Rod of Cybertronic Spree, prod. by Fresh Kils, cuts by Bnutz)
04:37 Talking / Ultraklystron – “Block Chain Heavy
05:33 LEX the Lexicon Artist – “Party Hop (feat. D&D Sluggers)” (content warning)
09:22 amorphous – “So Good as Hell
12:32 Nursehella – “Back at It Again” (content warning)
14:34 Library Bards – “Klingon
18:58 More talking / Ultraklystron – “Block Chain Heavy”
19:44 Not Dead Yet – “The Ending (feat. Sulfur, Tribe One, Cecilnick, Int80, and Ryako)” (content warning)
23:31 MashGyver – “Papa Was an Albatross
30:06 Vurez – “It’s Our Time
33:44 Even more talking / Ultraklystron – “Block Chain Heavy”
35:21 The Doubleclicks – “The Ballad of Millie Rosa Jane

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