Review – The Dreaming #18: A Rude Awakening

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The Dreaming #18

The Dreaming #18 – Simon Spurrier, Writer; Marguerite Sauvage, Artist


Ray – 9/10

Ray: As we head towards the end of this title (with a relaunch not confirmed yet for G. Willow Wilson’s run), The Dreaming #18 unites the diverse plots from the entire run and builds to a wild showdown in the mysterious house that’s served as a centerpiece to so many reveals.

Dora is near-death now that Cain has been revealed as the hidden ghost in the machine, and the mad immortal is finally face to face with the brother who turned the tables on him and murdered him. Meanwhile, the mysterious Rose Walker – who has lurked on the fringes of this title since the start and whose involvement with the Dreaming has never been fully explained – is finding herself traveling towards the house, to play some role in the fate of the Dreaming. And lurking over it all is Wan, the new God of the Dreaming, whose oddly practical approach to eternity is stripping the life out of the realm.

Enter the Dreaming. Via DC Comics.

The biggest highlight of this issue is the presence of Marguerite Sauvage, who also did the issue two months ago. Formerly of DC’s Bombshells, Sauvage is one of the best artists working today and her surreal and colorful style is a wonderful change of pace from the realist and often gritty work of Bilquis Evely and some of the other artists who have guest-starred on this title.

There’s a dreamlike quality to many of the scenes, especially when Rose and Dora are interacting. The twisted resolution to Cain and Abel’s dynamic is a great twist, but the book saves the best twist for last as a character I did not expect to see again shows up with a revelation of how the Dreaming can take back their kingdom from Wan. All the Sandman Universe books have been strong, but this one is the most ambitious of the lot and has been evolving into a fitting successor to the classic run.

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