The new Mevo Start Livestreaming Camera.

Mevo Start Livestream Camera Is the Update We Want

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New Mevo Start and the original Mevo Plus.

An update to the fabulous Mevo camera was announced at CES last month, and the details are available now that pre-orders are open. The Mevo Start builds on the feature set that has been the foundation of the company’s focus on effortless livestreaming since we first reported on the original Mevo (Mevo Makes Professional Live Video Easy, The Architechnologist, October 15, 2016). The new camera is palm-sized and fulfills the shortcoming of the original unit with more than six hours of livestreaming battery life (without the large Mevo Boost that the original Mevo Plus needed for extended battery life).

Consumers can create 1080p HD livestreaming videos with Mevo Start and its smartphone app, nearly straight from the box, through a smartphone’s LTE connection, Wi-Fi, or ethernet (with an optional adapter). Mevo’s cameras are in direct contrast to the expensive and complex professional solutions that are out of reach for the average consumer and many influencers, and also a great improvement over even the highest quality smartphone content.

For years, Mevo has been in the trenches pioneering high-quality camera technology that has enabled livestreaming to become the cultural phenomenon it is today. Mevo Start continues our cutting-edge work at the forefront of livestreaming technology, and we’re confident that Mevo Start’s capabilities will unlock livestreaming for everyone, regardless of their video experience level. When it’s worth sharing, it’s worth sharing right.
— Max Haot, founder and CEO of Mevo

The Mevo app allows you to instantly share your livestream to any major streaming provider, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Periscope, Twitch, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, and more. The updated hardware in the Mevo Start allows fine-tuning, including sharpness, white balance, exposure value (EV) correction, contrast, brightness, filters, anti-flicker, saturation, and image-flip—all in real-time. Controlling the Mevo Start through the application allows enhanced mobility and the ability to experience the live event while interacting with your audience while the smartphone is up to 100 feet away from the camera.

New Mevo Start and the original Mevo Plus.
New Mevo Start and the original Mevo Plus.
Image Credit: Mevo

The Mevo Start provides HD video and 1080p streaming capabilities with impressive low-light performance through its HDR sensor and pixel size. Another improvement over the Mevo Plus is the ability to simultaneously record video to the SD card for future use in addition to the livestream. An updated three MEMS microphone audio system process ensures that users’ sound is clear, even in crowded, noisy environments. You can also directly connect external gear via a 3.5MM port that works with both line level and microphone audio inputs.

Mevo Start retails for $299, and pre-orders will begin shipping in April 2020. To learn more and place a pre-order, visit

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