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Lois Lane #7
Lois Lane cover, via DC Comics.

Lois Lane – Greg Rucka, Writer; Mike Perkins, Artist; Gabe Eltaeb, Colorist


Ray – 8.5/10

Corrina: In the Muddy Middle

Ray: After last issue’s interlude to memorialize the death of Sam Lane (for the third time in the last twenty years), we’re back to Rucka’s main plot and the title is all the better for it. This title has always been a slow-burn mystery, but I don’t think Rucka gets nearly enough credit for the acerbic humor in his dialogue. Partnering Renee with Lois was a smart idea, as it gives Lois an equally sharp foil as she tries to unravel the attempt on her life. T

his title is in an odd place right now, as it’s had to juggle several event comics and major storylines around them. Now Superman is about to reveal his secret identity, but before that, we have the ongoing issue of Lois apparently having an affair with her husband’s alter-ego. Renee manages to foil a paparazzi spying on them, but the secret is close to getting out and ruining Lois’s reputation. It’s a clever plot that seems like it was inevitable given the number of cameras around today.

Lois and Renee are a great team, and much of this issue’s success hinges on the banter between them after this fiasco. Rucka is also a master of weaving a lot of tension out of seemingly minor things. The replacement of Lois’ trusty old housekeeper – who mainly knew to do nothing to the apartment – with a chipper young woman who is all too helpful could be a minor inconvenience, or it could be a sign of Leviathan or other sinister interests getting closer to Lois.

There are a lot of other little plots floating around here, most relating to Leviathan and a long-missing antihero who may have his own designs on Lois. The question of how to do a Lois story without turning it into a Superman story has clearly puzzled writers for a while, but I think Rucka has the right idea. Superman is in this story, but there’s no risk of him taking over because this isn’t a story where he could help. This mystery requires Lois’ skills and I can’t wait to see her unravel it.

In the sights. Via DC Comics.

Corrina: This miniseries can be so frustrating to me. Instead of dealing with Lois’s investigations, we often have to deal with the fallout of stories from other series, like Leviathan and the reveal of Superman’s identity to the public. Yeah, I like the Lois/Renee banter but could we not have it be about whether Lois is cheating or not and have it about a mystery they’re trying to solve instead?

Last issue’s examination of Lois’s relationship with her father worked well, giving us more insight into her in a long time. But her father’s death happened in another story. And that’s emblematic of the problem with this series.

By contrast, the Martian Manhunter limited series is self-contained, focused squarely on the main character–though it’s introduced several wonderful new supporting characters–and has a solid hold on the main villain. It also examines and reimagines J’onn’s past.

I would have loved for this series to have done something similar but halfway through with Lois Lane , that doesn’t seem to be in the cards.

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