Re-Roll: This Week’s Tabletop Game News for the Week Ending January 17, 2020

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Here is the board game (and board game-related!) news that caught our attention for the week ending January 17, 2020.

Gaming News

  • Riot Games has created Riot Tabletop, a division specifically devoted to creating board games based on their video game line.
  • Fantasy Flight has announced Cosmic Encounters Duel, a stand-alone two-player game set in the world of Cosmic Encounters. The game is available for pre-order now.
  • Fantasy Flight has also announced that the upcoming Covert Missions booster set will be the last for Star Wars: Destiny. It’s too bad, since I think that Destiny was a pretty great game, but like many collectible card games before it, it had some pretty significant flaws and was mostly inaccessible to those not willing to spend tons and tons of money on rare cards. Destiny is our featured image this week.
  • The next title from award-winning designer Elizabeth Hargrave of Wingspan fame will be Mariposaswhere players compete to have the “most successful family of butterflies.” The game is to be published by AEG.
  • LAIKA studios Oscar-nominated film Coraline is now available on your tabletop. The cooperative 1-4 player game Coraline: Beware the Other Mother has been published by Wizkids and is now in stores.
  • If you’re heading to Adepticon in March, you may be able to get a copy of the Limited Edition Naboo Royal N-1 Starfighter Expansion Pack for Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures. If you can’t make it to the con, the ship will be available online direct from Fantasy Flight during the event “while supplies last.”
  • Repos Production, the Belgian publisher behind last year’s Spiel des Jahres winner Just One, has been acquired by industry giant Asmodee. Repos co-founder Cédrick Caumont will be starting an independent studio, Captain Games, while the other co-founder, Thomas Provoost, is joining Asmodee.

GeekDad and GeekMom Reviews

Here’s what we’ve reviewed this week:

What We’re Playing

Finally, here’s what the GeekDads played this week:

  • Greg Howley played Star Wars: Armada.
  • Michael Pistiolas played Vindication and Magic: The Gathering.
  • Jonathan Liu played Clairvoyance, Mind MGMT, Zeus on the Loose, Letter Jam, Poseidon’s Kingdom, and ZoxSo.
  • Robin Brooks played Warhammer Underworlds: Beastgrave.
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