Preview – ‘Amethyst’ #1: Return to Gemworld

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Brian Michael Bendis brought the Princess of Gemworld back from DC limbo in Young Justice #1, as her high-fantasy adventures intersected with those of the lost teen heroes. Now, she spins out into her first solo project since 2012’s short-lived Sword of Sorcery in this miniseries from talented writer-artist Amy Reeder.

Amethyst #1 debuts from DC Comics on February 26th, 2020. Below, you’ll find DC’s official preview text and completed covers and sample pages for the first issue.


“Gemworld is like every good dream I’ve ever had, with a few nightmares in-between” –Princess Amethyst of Gemworld

An Unforgettable Adventure Begins February 26th!

Following the character’s triumphant reintroduction in the pages of Young Justice, the new Amethyst series from DC’s Wonder Comics follows teenager Amy Winston, a.k.a. Princess Amethyst, eager to return to her magical kingdom. Instead, she finds it in ruins, her subjects vanished, and none in the realm of Gemworld still loyal to her house. To solve this mystery, restore House Amethyst, and save her family, Amy must find new allies and confront dark secrets on a deadly quest to the farthest reaches of Gemworld.

In this six-issue mini-series launching in February, writer and artist Amy Reeder takes on a magical world tour complete with dreamy landscapes, fantastical creatures, crystalline visions, breathtaking kingdoms, and one very bad guy named Opal.

But it wouldn’t be complete without new friends to share it all with. With the help of Phoss, a four-armed warrior, and Maxixe, a stubborn prince, Amy comes to realize that what’s good and bad in Gemworld is not always crystal clear.

DC’s newest Wonder Comics title, Amethyst, arrives on February 26th by writer and artist Amy Reeder (Batwoman, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, Rocketgirl)!

Amethyst #1 (of 6)
Story and art by Amy Reeder
Covers by Amy Reeder and Stephanie Hans
Lettering by Gabriela Downie
In Shops: Feb 26, 2020

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