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Sometimes the simplest and sturdiest product can also be the most useful. Waterfield added a touch of class and a carabiner-style clip to a key ring, and they call it the all-new Leather Key Clip.

The Leather Key Clip looks right at home with the key loop on Bolt Backpack (Image by Skip Owens)

What Is the Leather Key Clip?

As I just described above, the Leather Key Clip is essentially a key ring you can thread multiple keys onto and either clip to your pants belt loop or onto your bag. If you happen to already own a Waterfield bag, there is a good chance it already has a key loop and this clips right onto that. The touch of class I mention earlier is a thick leather loop that connects the keyring to the carabiner hardware, which not only spruces up the package but also keeps the keys from rattling against the carabiner clip. The key clip is made from full-grain leather cowhide and custom made black metal hardware.

How Have I Been Using the Leather Key Clip?

Surprisingly, I am not using the Leather Key Clip for my car keys. My main set of car keys aren’t really keys; it is a fob that just needs to be on my person while I am in the car. So it’s easier to just leave the fob in a dedicated pocket in my backpack and then put the fob in my pants pocket each morning. No, I am using the Leather Key Clip for our dock keys. Our neighborhood has a community dock on the river, and if we want to use it we need to unlock a gate to go out on the dock. With the Leather Key Clip, we can now use the carabiner to clip the Leather Key Clip to our pants while out on the dock, and when we need to leave, the keys are right there at waist level. No more fishing for keys in our pockets while going to the dock to fish!

The Leather Key Clip will clip right to the belt loop on your pants (Image from


It’s no secret that we are huge fans of Waterfield’s products here at GeekDad, and the Leather Key Clip is no exception. The leather is soft yet rugged, the hardware is actually quite heavy, and the finish on the hardware is incredibly durable. I had to really scrape the keyring pretty hard against the keys getting them on and off the ring, and there wasn’t a mark on the key ring after doing so. The same thing with the carabiner clip, as I tried attaching it to a lot of various things (even some things it was never going to fit on) and the carabiner finish took it like a champ. So it is definitely heavy-duty, but the Leather Key Clip is also very versatile as it will work not only with every Waterfield bag that comes with a key loop but also with all sorts of bags that don’t (you just need something to clip it to).

My Leather Key Clip on three different Waterfield bags (Images by Skip Owens)

The new Waterfield Leather Key Clip is a great little addition for someone who already owns a Waterfield bag of some kind, but it also works for anyone who needs a nice rugged clip for their keys and appreciates leather. The Waterfield Leather Key Clip is available now for $27 from

Disclaimer: I was provided a Leather Key Clip for the purpose of this review, but Waterfield had no input into the review content.

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