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Radio Free Hipster Ep. 102: Tio de Nadal

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This episode of Radio Free Hipster is Christmassy. Very Christmassy. Possibly too Christmassy? I don’t know; you be the judge.

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00:44 oneboredjeu – “Welcome to the Christmas Parade
03:54 Talking / toasterpastries – “Sanctuary
04:26 Schaffer the Darklord – “Hail Santa” (content warning)
07:38 Alpha Chrome Yayo – “Kimonos at Christmas
10:44 Kraken Not Stirred – “Wrapper’s Delight”
13:49 ChronoWolf – “Slay the Bells
17:21 More talking / toasterpastries – “Sanctuary”
18:12 dj BC – “Wonderful Christmas Card to NYC
22:02 rap legend Jesse Dangerously – “Swag Nog (feat. MC Lars)
24:55 Jacob Greenmount – “Christmas on Mars
29:08 Even more talking / toasterpastries – “Sanctuary”
30:56 Wordburglar – “My Christmas Catalogue Number (prod. by Fresh Kils, cuts by More Or Les)

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