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I work in the engineering profession and the last thing I want to worry about when I get up in the morning is what to wear and how I look. Perk has you covered there and they even offer a “Alpha Test Program” so we can “beta test” our clothes just like our software…to make us geeks even happier.

T-shirt and Chino pants from Perk (Images from

What Is Perk?

The footer page from the Perk website I think says all you need to know about the brand and their line of clothing:

“Perk is an elevated basics brand for busy men that need reliable, all day comfort and don’t believe in distractions. If you think gimmicks in your daily wear will help you focus, Perk is not for you.”

Here are just a few of the “perks” associated with the Perk line of clothing:

  • Free Shipping & Returns
  • Risk-Free 100-Day Trial (most t-shirts don’t last 100 days so these guys are serious)
  • Happiness Guaranteed (not happy, you get your money back)
  • They take Apple Pay! (I really don’t like using my credit card online if I don’t have to)

The Perk Clothing Line

The title of this review uses the word simplicity and the Perk line of clothes is truly that. They offer T-shirts and Chinos. Yes, that’s it. But what is really cool about this combination is that you can get away with wearing their t-shirts and still look professional.

If you are going to wear a t-shirt why not make it look like a dress shirt? (Images from

The Perk T-shirt:

This isn’t just any t-shirt as it has a sheen to it that makes it look like a high-end dress shirt. Granted, it is still just a t-shirt, so if your office has a strict dress code this may not work for you. But barring that, this is a t-shirt you can wear and still look like you are dressed for business. Here are just a few features of their t-shirts:

  • Made from ultra-soft pima cotton
  • 4-way stretch
  • All day breathability
  • Completely tag-less
  • Tailored fit
  • Quick to dry
  • Curved hem
Not skinny jeans and not baggy pants, just form fitting and comfortable (Images from

The Perk Chino:

I am picky about few things in life, except for maybe my coffee and the fit of my pants. So going into this review I had my doubts about these Chinos, but the specs sounded pretty interesting:

  • Ultrasoft feel
  • Curved waist
  • Flexible fabric
  • Slim tapered legs
  • Quick to dry
  • Custom leg inseams
  • All day breathability

But How Do They Wear & Feel?

I live in Florida, so for me clothing has to be light and breathable. I can’t wear super heavy pants due to the heat and my shirts have to be able to air dry quickly because just walking to the mailbox can result in a lot of sweating. Because of the sweat concern I typically have to go with some kind of a synthetic fabric. So I had my doubts about this all cotton t-shirt. Those doubts completely evaporated when I slipped into the t-shirt. The best way I can describe the feel of the fabric is that it acts like a contact activated air conditioner. The fabric actually feels cool to the touch against your skin and this is not something you normally get from cotton. I have no idea how they pulled it off but it is pretty fantastic. Because Perk uses a high-quality cotton, the sheen on the shirt looks like a high-end dress shirt but it feels more comfortable than the clothes I typically wear to bed. Ever wanted to wear your PJs to work? Well, this comes pretty darn close at least in terms of comfort. I especially love the curved hem to the t-shirt as I hate tucking in shirts. This lets you wear the t-shirt untucked with a nice pair of pants and it looks like the shirt and pants were made to go with each other.

The Chinos I was even more skeptical about. Like I said, I am very picky about my pants. I figured there was NO WAY I was going to be able to give my waist and inseam measurement to the folks at Perk and have them actually send me a pair of pants that fit. But that is exactly what happened. Not only did they fit, but they fit like they were tailored specifically for me. The waistband was just tight enough that if I didn’t want to wear a belt I didn’t have to. The legs were cut in a way that gave them more of an athletic fit, but without making you feel like you were wearing skinny jeans. That is a really tough balance as, in my opinion, you either look like you are wearing very baggy pants or that you left you pants too long in the dryer and you are too cheap to go buy a new pair. Somehow the folks at Perk seemed to nail it right in the middle. I think the key is the flexible fabric they use and the custom inseams and tapered legs. When combined these features give you both a comfortable yet profiled fit to your body type. What this boils down to is that you no longer have to spend hours trying on pants in a store to ensure you get a good fit.


If you would rather spend your time reading a good comic book, playing a good video game or hanging out with your kids instead of shopping for clothes then Perk is for you. The look, feel and quality of the Perk line of t-shirts and Chinos is worth the price…especially when you factor in the time you save by NOT having to go try on pair of pants after pair of pants in the department store. The t-shirt fit as I expected based on their sizing charts (which from other companies can be hit or miss) and like I mentioned earlier the cool sensation you get with this t-shirt is like nothing I’ve ever felt before in a shirt much less a t-shirt (a huge plus for hot and humid Florida). I highly recommend using Perk to help balance out and simplify your wardrobe.

I mentioned earlier that Perk had a unique test program. Perk products are made based on 20 years of apparel engineering experience and customer-feedback with their unique Alpha Test Program, that uses input from real customers to shape design improvements. Well, here are the details. If you sign up for the Perk Alpha Test Program they notify you by email when they are getting ready to release a new clothing product. If you agree to give them feedback on this new clothing item they will allow you to purchase this product at a sizable discount in advance of the release. It’s a beta software release for clothes! Signing up is super easy and there is no commitment needed. They just email you ahead of a new release and you can decide if you are interested. Head to their Alpha Test Program site to sign up.

The Perk t-shirt and Chino line of clothing is available now from the Perk website. T-shirts run about $40 and Chinos run about $80.

Disclaimer: I was provided a t-shirt and a pair of Chinos for the purpose of this review, but Perk had no input into the review content.

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4 thoughts on “Perk Clothing – Simplicity for Us Geeks

  1. These shirts DO NOT live up to the advertised size.
    They are great and feel good and fit great, until washed, then too small.
    I reached out to the company and they said sorry i had a bad experince. that’s it. no exchange, no replacement, no refund.
    just total silence from them.
    Steer clear of this company.

    1. Sorry you had a bad experience with them.I’ve liked them so much I have made several purchases with them since I received my review until from them and have been very happy with the products. I can understand your frustration, but their “no return policy” is clearly stated and is similar to many other online clothing companies out there (they can’t do anything with items that have been worn or washed so the policy makes sense). Their care instructions are also very specific about the potential for fit to change over the first 3 washings:

      ” Throw them in the washer with similar colors. Use a delicate setting, cold water and a gentle, bleach-free liquid detergent. You can tumble dry in a very low heat setting, but we recommend air drying instead.

      Fits true to size after washing 3 times.”

      With all that being said I have washed my Perk t-shirts dozens of times and they have been accidentally put into the dyer and they still fit and look great. Same with the chinos. Sorry to hear you didn’t have a similar experience.

  2. for the most important part of your post, you are simply wrong.
    It states on their website CLEARLY:

    Free Returns
    Return them, hassle-free.

    also, still doesn’t excuse lack of any customer service at all.
    I have choices, and i choose to not work with this company again.

  3. update:
    They asked me if they were washed. Cant return if washed.
    90 day policy (who doesn’t wash clothes on 90 days?)
    Their website says: Cozy Tees That Soften and Fit After Washing
    Feels Amazing • Fits Impeccably• Washes to Perfection.
    soooo….cant wash a t-shirt that advertised that it will fit perfectly AFTER WASHING.

    Numbnuts at this company.
    Customer service isn’t a joke, its non-existent.


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