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myCharge Hub Max

MyCharge updates it’s amazing portable charger line with the new and improved myCharge Hub Max Universal.


MyCharge has been making phenomenal portable chargers for years. Last year I reviewed their previous MyCharge Hub Max, which was designed for Micro USB and Lightning cables. I was in awe of the performance of the previous Hub Max, so when I saw a new and improved one with a USB-C built into it, I could not get one into my hands fast enough.

The Hub Max Universal is a 10050 mAh charger that comes with both a USB-C and Lightning cable attached to it, so there are no worries about not having the proper cable on hand. The Hub Max also has a full-sized USB port so that if you need another USB cable that is not provided you can attach your own cable. It also has plugin prongs so that you can plug in into a 110v wall socket directly to recharge it. At 2.8″ wide and only 0.9″ thick, it also fits very nicely into any pocket, purse, or bag you may be using.

Hub Max Universal

Thoughts and Recommendations

Please believe me when I tell you that the MyCharge Hub Max has become an essential part of my daily life. In the last month, I have traveled to NYCC and on a tour of Northern Canada, and I would have been lost without it. Between my phone, my tablet, and my true wireless earbuds, I pushed this little silver brick to the edge and it never failed me. In hotels, planes, cabs, buses, and even the Staten Island Ferry, I was constantly charging some piece of technology. The MyCharge Hub Max just kept going and going like another battery brand often says about itself. I am not just happy with this product, I feel like I owe it a debt of some kind. Not only did it charge everything but it charged it fast and efficiently. It is like carrying technical life support in your pocket.

So spend the $99.99 and make the MyCharge Hub Max Universal an integral part of your portable power!

The MyCharge RazorXtreme

The MyCharge RazorXtreme is a larger and slightly less portable battery backup than the Hub Max Universal, but it offers far more charges than it’s smaller partner. Holding a whopping 26800mAh, you can charge up to two pieces of tech at one time—provided you have the cables for them, as the RazorXtreme does not come with its own cables like the Hub Max Universal. I found that with this product it was best kept in my backpack, charging devices while I was moving from place to place. It is far too heavy and large to fit in your pocket. A large purse or sling bag may also carry it, but not anything much smaller than that.

Please do not think I am being negative about the RazorXtreme. It is a great product, but its mission is just slightly different than the Hub Max Universal.

The Razor Xtreme PD offers two full-sized USB ports and one USB-C which is used to charge the device and to receive a charge as well. This is great if you have a newer device that uses a USB-C and needs a little extra oomph.


    • PORTABLE CHARGER POWER BANK: Ideal for providing power boosts and extending the life of your USB A and USB Type C / USB C devices (MacBook, tablet, smartphone, Bluetooth speaker, e-reader) delivering
    • 26800mAh/45W output power for up to 12x extra battery
    • DUAL USB PORTS: Two types of USB options over 3 ports (x2 USB A and USB C) offer the ability to charge any tablet, MacBook or Type C laptop, cell phone or other USB devices simultaneously, distributing 45W/2.4A shared output power across both ports automatically
    • FAST QUICK CHARGE POWER DELIVERY: Both USB Ports on the power bank are enabled with Power Delivery (PD) to charge your devices even faster (Power bank recharges via included micro-USB cable)
    • PASS-THROUGH CHARGING: This external battery pack makes for a great travel companion and easily stores and packs away in a small bag, purse or backpack so a convenient power source is always within reach and the pass-through charging technology allows you to charge the power bank and connected devices simultaneously

The MyCharge RazorXtreme costs $99.99, which is a bit of investment, but this product is far beyond those $5 chargers you can buy at a discount store. You get longevity, speed, power, and most importantly, consistency. I have used cheaper chargers in the past and have ended up with a useless brick while on a trip, but with these products from MyCharge, I can now travel with confidence.

Samples of the Hub Max Plus Universal and the RazorXtreme were made available by MyCharge.

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