Mycharge ‘Hub Plus’ Portable Charger Review

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Mycharge offers one of the best portable power solutions I have ever tried with the Hub Plus!

What is the Mycharge Hub Plus?

The myCharge Hub Plus is a newly redesigned power bank which offers 6700mAh of power!. It has an integrated lightning and Micro USB cable along with a USB port to offer flexibility and ease of use. Integrated wall prongs make plugging the unit in easy and the 30% reduction in size makes the Hub Plus ultraportable!


Battery Capacity: 6700mAh

Recharges Via: Built-in wall prongs

Product Dimensions: 4.1 in x 2.5 in x 0.9 in

Product Weight: 0.5 lbs.

Output: 3.4A shared

Compatibility: Tablets, Smartphones & USB Devices


Smart-sense: ensures complete device compatibility

Hyper-charge: ultra-fast charging of your devices; up to 65% faster than competitors 

Power-stay: maintains battery power for up to 1 year

Max-power: maximum power transfer from powerbank to device

High-density battery: the smallest and lightest powerbank

Safe-cell: provides the highest level of battery safety

Rapid-recharge: powerbank recharges up to 50% faster than competitors

Pass-Through Charging: will charge the powerbank and connected device simultaneously

My Thoughts on the Hub Plus

As someone who spends a great deal of time at conventions and lectures, the Hub Plus has become one of my closest friends. The size, power, and portability make it so easy to use and hide in pockets or a backpack. Having a Micro USB and lightning cord built in also helps when you forget your trusty charging cable at home or in the hotel room. the Hub Plus also has a nice clean look and solid feel to it without having the weight or cumbersome nature of many of the other backup batteries in its class. I was able to charge my phone in a relatively short period of time without much difficulty and then re-charge with the pass-through option overnight in my hotel room giving me a whole day of CON adventuring without fear of interruption. Not only do I recommend this product, it has become a necessity on my road trips and will continue to be so for a long time.

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The myCharge Hub Plus is priced at 79.99 

A Review sample of this product was made available from Mycharge

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