Touching Ad for the Geek Dad

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As an advertising professional by day, one of the things that I geek out on is commercials. Super Bowl is for commercials, radio is for commercials, movies are for trailers – which are commercials for new movies… I love them all.

This commercial may be for an orange juice product in the U.K., but the references made will touch the geek and the dad in all of us.


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5 thoughts on “Touching Ad for the Geek Dad

  1. Okay… so maybe I’m just more emotional than your average bear… but that hit me right in the weepy place. That’s fantastic. Too bad I don’t live in the UK to reward them for that great advert with my purchase.

  2. My eyes got a little wet, too… that one hit me hard. Did not see that coming. Watching a second time, however… all the hints were there. Catching his breath. Watering down the sugar drink. Darth Vader’s big secret. Carrying him upstairs.

    1. Also the shadow in the water is adult-sized, his watch is too big for his wrist, plus all the little things like peeking in on his texting. Fantastic ad.

  3. Argh, missed the shadow. Did catch him throwing the rock further.

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