10 Geeky New Year's Resolutions for 2016

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The number 2016 made out of circuit parts, Lego Dimensions Portal, X-Wing Miniatures game ships, and Ticket to Ride trains.
Image: Mike LeSauvage

Having problems coming up with your resolutions for 2016? We whipped together a few ideas here at GeekDad to help you build your list. Taking on all of these might be daunting, but just grabbing one or two might be the ticket to help improve your family life, connect with your kids, or broaden your horizons in 2016. This year I resolve to…

1. Finish one complicated engineering geek project with my kids, resulting in an actual useful modification to our home or lifestyle.

2. Start a family game night and play faithfully (weekly or monthly). Upgraded resolution: complete two adventures from Pathfinder Adventure Card Game with my family.

3. Make more stuff: write articles, craft code, sculpt models, whatever calls to me, but see work through to completion.

4. Set up a Minecraft server for the kids and share it with their friends; helping their parents to get their kids in on the game.

5. Take care of my brain by taking care of my body: find an athletic activity and stick with it for more than a month.

6. Work toward family dinners for at least five nights of the week to bring everyone together and keep in touch despite our busy lives.

7. Finish the main plot of Fallout 4; sidequests are optional.

8. Not get sucked into debates that add nothing to my life, including: plot holes in The Force Awakens, the true meaning of “hoverboard,” how dogs would wear pants*.

9. Read more books. Find time to do this by giving up meaningless refreshing of news sites on my phone.

10. Find three local experiences that we haven’t visited yet and plan family outings to see them.

What resolutions have you made?

*Note: I wrote this article in 2015, so I can say with certainty that dogs would wear pants to cover all their legs. If they covered their butt, what would they sniff?

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