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A Geekdad Preview of 2020 Movies

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2020 Movies

For someone who enjoys good movies as much as myself, I’ve had trouble finding non-Marvel films that I’ve really enjoyed the past few years. Looking back at what had been on my radar for 2019, I was disappointed in Ad Astra and Glass, and while Terminator: Dark Fate was decent, it wasn’t nearly as good as I’d hoped it would be.

At least we’ve still got Frozen 2 and Rise of Skywalker to look forward to before 2020. For now, let’s take a look forward at the 2020 movies I’m anticipating most.

2020 Movies: Blockbusters

April 8: No Time To Die

I’ve never been a huge James Bond fan, but I do generally enjoy the films when I see them. I’m sure this 25th Bond film will be good.

May 1: Black Widow

I love every Marvel film since Iron Man. Even The Dark World and Age of Ultron. That said, I’m very much looking forward to the flashback sendoff to Natasha Romanoff.
Black Widow

Nov 6: The Eternals

The Eternals is as mysterious a property today as the Guardians of the Galaxy were in 2013. The only thing making me certain that the movie will be good is the fact that it takes place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

2020 Movies: Long Shots

Jan 10: Underwater

From the trailer, I’m reminded of The Abyss, which is a movie I love. But Underwater is a horror film, so we may get something closer to The Meg. I’m hoping that’s not the case.

Feb 21: Bloodshot

It’s based on a comic book, which is a plus. It’s got Vin Diesel, which is another plus. I’m cautiously optimistic.

April 3: The New Mutants

This film was in last year’s movie preview, but it was bumped from 2019 to 2020. I’m hoping that the delay has enabled improvements. It’s an X-Men movie, so I’m hoping that in the end they learn that the whole haunted house was caused by a villain. And with the Marvel acquisition of the X-Men property, perhaps we’ll finally see a tie-in here with the MCU.

Oct 2: BIOS

The primary reason this film caught my eye? Tom Hanks. The film’s premise? Tom Hanks is the last man on Earth. He builds an android to take care of his dog after he dies, and they go on a journey across the country.
Tom Hanks

2020 Movies: Sequels a Long Time Coming

August 21: Bill & Ted Face the Music

Thirty years later, Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter are coming back to do a third movie in the Bill & Ted franchise. Whether it will be excellent or bogus is anyone’s guess. I only hope they have a fitting tribute to the late great George Carlin.
Bill and Ted

June 26: Top Gun: Maverick

The plot is entirely unclear from the trailer, but the film seems primarily about showcasing Tom Cruise at his Tom Cruisiest, riding a motorcycle with his giant Tom Cruise grin. Heck, I’ll watch it.

July 10: Ghostbusters 2020

I’d had high hopes for 2016’s Ghostbusters. But it wasn’t the cast that killed that film – the cast was excellent. The 2016 Ghostbusters movie had a poor script. Not much is yet known about next year’s Ghostbusters reboot. But it’s got Paul Rudd, and it’s got the surviving original Ghostbusters: Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson. It’s even got Sigourney Weaver and Annie Potts from the original film. And adding Finn Wolfhard doesn’t hurt either. Let’s hope this script is up to snuff.

2020 Movies: More Sequels

Oct 2: Venom 2

I won’t lie – I haven’t yet seen the first Venom movie. It seems bad. But I’ll eventually watch it, if only because there are rumors about Tom Holland eventually being in the same movie with this iconic Spider-man villain.

June 5: Wonder Woman 84

It’s not saying much, but Wonder Woman was the best of the DC Superhero films. And setting a sequel in the eighties is a winning move. I’m not much for DC movies, but I’ll give this one a go. There’s supposedly a new trailer coming on December 8th, so it won’t be long until we get a better look.
Wonder Woman 84 Logo

March 20: A Quiet Place, Part 2

Despite the fact that I tend not to love horror movies, I liked A Quiet Place. It’s difficult to imagine how they might go about a sequel, but I’d like to learn more about the world and how things got to where they are.
A Quiet Place

December 13: Jumanji: The Next Level

The years-later, new-cast sequel to the Robin Williams original a couple years back was surprisingly watchable. This sequel has Danny Glover & Danny DeVito as welcome additions.

2020 Movies: Family Films

March 6: Onward

Featuring the voices of Star-Lord and Spider-man, this animated film is about two teenage elf brothers leaving their suburban home and going on a journey to look for magic.

July 24: Jungle Cruise

At first, I wasn’t even going to include this movie on the list. Movies based on theme park rides (Pirates of the Caribbean) might have a better history than movies based on board games (Battleship) but neither is full of rich source material. It wasn’t until after watching the trailer that I decided that the film seems pretty interesting.

March 27: Mulan

I’ve still never seen the original Disney Mulan movie, so I can’t entirely grok the outrage about the new live-action movie, but if it’s in part about the music being removed from the film, I certainly get that. I didn’t love the Lion King and Aladdin remakes, but the Beauty and the Beast remake was okay. This live remakes fixation Disney has certainly is odd.

2020 Movies: Spinoffs and Reboots

Feb 7: Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn

I am not a fan of Jared Leto’s Joker. But Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn is fantastic. Whether she’ll be enough to carry the movie is questionable, but I’m hopeful that the girl power thing will be enough to overcome the fact that so many DC movies have been just flat-out bad.

Dec 18: Dune

I saw the 1984 Dune movie as a kid. I thought the heart plug thing was gross and the wyrding module thing was… well, weird. Later, I read the book, and loved it. That’s probably why I enjoyed the 2000 Dune mini-series as much as I did. It was far closer to the book. This film is going to cover the first half of the book. I’m not sure how I feel about that, but it will give them a lot more time to include detail that might otherwise have been left out. The film has Josh Brolin as Gurney Halleck, Zendaya as Chani, Jason Momoa as Duncan Idaho, and Dave Bautista as Glossu Rabban. Good cast.

Outside of what Marvel has done, the movies of the past decade haven’t generally thrilled me. Here are my favorites. But I’m hopeful that what we’ve got coming in the ’20s will include more than just superhero films.

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