Sing Along With Jazzy Ash and Pointed Man Band

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Sometimes there’s a song in your heart (or head) and the music fights its way out up your esophagus and out of your mouth. That’s the concept behind Jazzy Ash (Los Angelino Ashli St. Armant)’s new track, “Everybody Gotta Sing.” After spending her upbringing in New Orleans, Ash (along with her band, the Leaping Lizards) have cultivated a throwback swing sound that gets kids and parents alike on their feet and harmonizing like they just can’t stop. It doesn’t matter if you can play an instrument or the method you use to share your inner music, Ash emphasizes. With temperatures going higher and the end of the school year getting closer, kids are gonna need an anthem and Ash is prepared to make them dance for it.

You can hear “Everybody Gotta Sing” at Jazzy Ash’s websiteSpotifyAmazon, and Apple Music.

Origami is the art of folding paper and transforming it into different things (such as a dog or even Yoda). As children get older, reaching milestones transforms them into the adults they will one day become. As Pointed Man Band (Dan Elliott) explains in his new song, “Origami,” it’s the responsibility of parents to correctly fold and shape our kids in the right way:

With two hands and a small piece of paper
I’ve got the world to create with just some folds and maneuvers
A little time, a little space
A little thought and some features
A library book on how to craft these delicate creatures

With its lively piano, organ, and horn section, “Origami” reminds kids that everybody has the right and obligation to make their mark in the world. That optimism puts the “point” in “Pointed Man Band.”

You can find “Origami” on Pointed Man Band’s websiteBandcamp (below), Amazon, or Apple Music

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