‘Tyranny of Dragons’—Avert the Return of Tiamat at Home

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Image: Wizards of the Coast. Cover art by Hydro74.

Tyranny of Dragons, the latest book for D&D is now available at your local game store. This massive tome combines the complete stories of Hoard of the Dragon Queen and The Rise of Tiamat, as featured in the Adventurers League official adventures. Now, instead of the ongoing season of Adventurers League, you can play Tyranny of Dragons at home with new resources and updated content.


Tyranny of Dragons is a 224-page adventure taking players from level 1 to level 16.


The adventure is available today.


Put away your mouse; you can only buy this adventure at your local game store.


There are many reasons to buy this expansion, even if you have already played the Adventurers League version of the story!

Tyranny of Dragons may be the most comprehensive adventure to date. Not only does it include stat blocks for new monsters, including Tiamat herself, but you will also find concept art, new background features, magic items, and even a score card to help you track the characters’ progress as they impress or disappoint the various factions that might help avert the return of Tiamat. The adventure also takes players all the way to level 16, all in one book. No need to buy multiple adventures to take players to high-level play. It’s even possible to take players all the way to level 20, if you scale up some encounters and are creative with your use of the material.

This is the best introduction to the Sword Coast for DMs. While the Sword Coast Adventurers Guide leads players through various character options and world details, this adventure brings the Sword Coast to life as it has characters visit hamlets and cities all along the Sword Coast as they track stolen goods, prisoners, cultists, and even dragons. Whether or not you’ve used Waterdeep, Baldur’s Gate, or other locations in your games, details provided can help you breathe new life into these complex and ancient communities.

This isn’t quite the same adventure as the Adventurers League showcased. Players’ feedback has been used to balance encounters and smooth out rough edges.

Tyranny of Dragons provides context to the rest of the existing adventures. Tyranny of Dragons is set before most published adventures, so the events of this campaign affect each other adventure in both subtle and dramatic ways. Groups who want to know how Dagult Neverember was ousted as Open Lord of Waterdeep will find themselves tied up in the politics and fallout from that dramatic change. Dungeon masters who want to run Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus will find a unique introduction to the relevant cities (Baldur’s Gate, Candlekeep, and Elturel) that drive the story in that campaign.


Whether you’re new to D&D or you’ve been playing in the Sword Coast for decades, Tyranny of Dragons is a stunning example of how players’ characters go from simple adventurers to god-battling heroes which will delight and enthrall players of all stripes. You can find this adventure at your local game store starting today.

Disclaimer: Wizards of the Coast provided a copy of this work for review purposes.

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  1. Great! I have been waiting for this one, man. Loved the previous version too. I hope my game store guy has stocked it already. Will be rushing to check today.

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