New York Comic Con 2019 – DC News Roundup

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At New York Comic Con this past weekend, DC Comics delivered news relating to their comic, TV, and movie line that sent the internet into a frenzy of anticipation and speculation. GeekDad was on site at all the major panels and heard from top creators about what DC has coming in 2019 and 2020.

Below, the top ten bits of DC news to come out of New York Comic Con 2019.

10. Zatanna’s New Mentor
Written by Matthew Cody with art by Yoshi Yoshitani, the all-ages OGN Zatanna and the House of Secrets from the DC Kids line takes us on a journey with the titular sorceress as she discovers her magical heritage. The art shown at New York Comic Con was excellent – but what stole the show was the presence of Hocus. This grumpy magic talking bunny will be Zatanna’s magical mentor in what Yoshitani describes as an “older sibling, younger sibling” dynamic – and promises to be the book’s breakout star.

Zatanna and the House of Secrets cover, via DC Comics.

9. Double the Batgirls
Shadow of the Batgirl, the Cassandra Cain OGN from Sarah Kuhn and Nicole Goux, has been hotly anticipated for its back-to-basics take on the popular second Batgirl. But at New York Comic Con this week, new preview art revealed a second major character in the title – Barbara Gordon. Described as a young, recently paralyzed woman in her early 20s, she’ll be going on her own journey to becoming Oracle as the teenage Cass grows to take on the legacy of Batgirl. This is a double-dose of the fan favorite Oracle along with Marijke Nijkamp’s The Oracle Code coming next year.

Shadow of the Batgirl preview art, via DC Comics.

8. DC Universe Gets Bizarre
The DC Universe streaming service has been off to a fast start with acclaimed series including Swamp Thing, Doom Patrol, and Young Justice: Outsiders. But they’ve never done a show like BizarroTV. A short-form anthology series mixing live action and animation, it’ll feature oddball characters including Ambush Bug, Space Cabbie, Slam Bradley, and Creeper. Will it be hosted by Bizarro? Will the intro segment come at the end? We shall see!

7. Meltzer and Lee Go to War
DC has been making a big push into the newsstand market with their line of Walmart-exclusive $4.99 100-page giants that combine original content with classic reprints. The line is going to be available in comic book stores now, and it’s expanding with a series of one-shots focusing on concepts like ghosts and war. The war volume made waves at New York Comic Con with the announcement of a short story by the all-star creative team of novelist Brad Meltzer and DC co-publisher Jim Lee, featuring Batman and real-life Medal of Honor recipient Salvatore Giunta.

6. City of…Cold?
It looks like Bane won’t be the only DC villain to score a major victory over their hero and take over an iconic city. With the Flash missing in action due to events in the current arc, the Rogues are rising. Writer Josh Williamson announced that as his epic Flash run rockets towards #100, the next major arc will be “Rogue’s Reign”, which will see the team of villains successfully conquer Central City.

5. Zatanna Conquers Brooklyn
It was a two-for-one weekend for DC’s top magician at New York Comic Con. In addition to new details on her all-ages miniseries, a new project was announced for DC’s line of Young Adult graphic novels. Written by Alys Arden and drawn by Jacquelin De Leon, Zatanna: The Jewel of Gravesend will feature a teenage Zatanna and a diverse group of friends unraveling a complex mystery set in real locations around Brooklyn.

Zatanna: The Jewel of Gravesend concept art, via DC Comics.

4. Wilson’s Dream Book
When G. Willow Wilson announced she was leaving Wonder Woman a few months back, she stated it was because she got the opportunity to write a “bucket list project”. We now know what it is – taking over writing reigns on the flagship Sandman Universe book, The Dreaming, in February. Alongside artist Nick Robles, Wilson is sure to return to the dark, twisty writing that made her a star on books like Vertigo’s Air. Current series writer Simon Spurrier is moving over to the new John Constantine spin-off.

The Dreaming #19 cover, via DC Comics.

3. A Gem of a Book
When the Wonder Comics line kicked off, Brian Michael Bendis brought Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld back from modern obscurity and made her one of the stars of Young Justice. With elements that remind many of She-Ra and Shazam but preceding the former, Amethyst had a small but loyal fanbase ever since Gary Cohn and Ernie Colon created her. Her 1980s Dan Mishkin-penned series still has a cult audience, but she hasn’t had a new series in years. One was promised, but now we have a creative team: writer-artist Amy Reeder is taking the reigns on both parts for a six-issue miniseries in 2020 that will return Amethyst to Gemworld for an epic plot that will introduce stunning crystal technology to the kingdom.

Amethyst #1 cover, via DC Comics.

2. The Return of a Legend
The Hill House line has picked up buzz since its announcement, as line curator Joe Hill is debuting a selection of horror books to replace the Vertigo line. But a new book by Hill, titled Plunge, was a mystery – including the artist. No more. At New York Comic Con this weekend, it was announced that Hill’s artist would be Stuart Immonen – one of the most iconic Marvel artists of all time, returning to DC after a brief retirement. Will this be the last DC work he does? No way of knowing, but all DC fans are excited to have him.

The Plunge #1 cover, via DC Comics.

1. What is DC 5G?
The biggest DC announcement at New York Comic Con 2019 is still shrouded in mystery. At the DC Nation panel, DC co-publisher Dan Didio unveiled a complex timeline that he said will be the new definitive DC history. It includes some major changes like Wonder Woman being the first DC superhero, in a nod to her movie; some interesting returns to continuity, like Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain being referred to as Robin and Batgirl; and hints of a mysterious fifth generation of heroes that may step up to replace the current old guard. Is this another reboot? A short-term look into the future? A massive change in DC’s lineup? No way of knowing yet, but 5G should continue to be a major turning point for DC’s lineup into 2020 and beyond.

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  1. A couple of notes about Amethyst: She was created by Gary Cohn and Ernie Colón as well as me, and she first appeared BEFORE She-Ra ever did (I know you weren’t saying one was based on the other, but this is a record I like to set straight). As for the kid-to-adult piece, Gary and I were influenced by our love for Simon & KIrby’s The Fly and really not at all by Shazam.

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