Internet Classics: Radiskull and Devil Doll

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RadiskullLife has classics of many kinds. There’s classic literature, there’s classical music, and older films are considered classics. But the meme-riddled internet moves pretty quickly, and many of the internet’s original viral sensations have sunk into near obscurity. Hence, much of the nascent interweb’s original hilarity is entirely unknown to a younger generation. It’s not all Chocolate Rain and Leeroy Jenkins, but today, I’m bringing sexy back. Welcome to my new segment, Internet Classics, in which we meet Radiskull.

Back in 1999 or 2000, before YouTube, good internet animation was relatively rare. When you watched videos, you’d often need to download and play them in local players rather than streaming. Flash video was new and interesting, and Joe Sparks was one of the pioneers syncing audio with Flash animation for Shockwave.com. He liked skulls and metal music, thus was born Radiskull.

In Radiskull’s initial appearance, he first threatens to murder his entire audience, then drinks a giant cup of boiling coffee before beginning to sing and rap with his pal Devil Doll. The animation may be rudimentary by today’s standards, but we ate it up back in the day. I still have my Radiskull and Devil Doll tee shirt.

Later episodes of the Radiskull and Devil Doll series feature further songs, all of which I’ve still got here on my 20-year-old mp3 player. All can be found on YouTube and at Joe’s website.

Joe Sparks just made a minor comeback last year with his video Coffee with Friends, but his latest work has not yet approached that of his heyday.

In honor of the Halloween holiday, please enjoy the following Radiskull video.

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