HyperX Pulsefire Dart Gaming Mouse and Qi ChargePlay Base

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The new HyperX Pulsefire Dart with Qi Charge Play Base

HyperX releases a great new wireless gaming mouse, the Pulsefire Dart, that can be charged using its new Qi Charging Base.


Gamers are used to being tethered to their PCs or laptops if they are looking for a very fast and accurate connection with their mice. For a long time wireless mice have been cheap, slow pieces of technology that were nice for you to use at work or with business applications. They were, for the most part, inexpensive and cheap feeling, not intended for use when your avatar’s life is on the line. HyperX is attempting to end that with the release of the Pulsefire Dart wireless mouse.

The Pulsefire Dart offers a 3200 DPI mouse with a Pixart PMW3389 sensor and Omron switches. These are essential pieces of a high-end gaming mouse, but it also offers 2.4ghz wireless compatibility. Adding to these features is programmable LED lighting, six buttons for your macro to your needs, and a whopping fifty hours of battery life. The Pulsefire Dart can also be plugged in with a USB-C to a USB connector if you are truly concerned about any type of lag, and it can also be charged that way, so if you are on the go and have a wall-charger, you can power up the Pulsefire Dart for continual use.

Pulsefire Dart Wireless Gaming Mouse Specifications

  • Ergonomic: Ergonomic
  • Sensor: Pixart PMW3389
  • Resolution: Up to 16000 DPI
  • DPI Presets: 800/1600/3200 DPI
  • Speed: 450ips
  • Acceleration: 50G
  • Buttons: 6
  • Left/Right buttons switches: Omron
  • Left/Right buttons durability: 50 million clicks
  • Light effects: Per-LED RGB lighting
  • Onboard memory: 1 profile
  • Connection type: 2.4GHz wireless/wired
  • Battery life: 90 hours – LED off 50 hours – Default LED Lighting
  • Charging type: Wireless Qi charging/wired
  • Polling rate: 1000Hz
  • Cable type: Detachable charging/data cable
  • Weight (without cable): 112g
  • Weight (with cable): 130g


  • Length: 124.8mm
  • Height: 43.6mm
  • Width: 73.9mm
  • Cable length: 1.8m


The Pulsefire Dart feels like a strong and stable mouse in your hands. It is very beefy and essentially for right-handed users. The black matte and programmable LEDs give it a modern and high tech look. I am a fan of the leatherette pad for my thumb to rest on when not clicking either of my two side buttons. The leatherette and overall texture make the mouse soft and comfortable. The DPI switch offers 3 modes at 800/1600/3200 DPI and is small but very reactive and easy to use. I find the movement of the mouse to be very smooth and comfortable on my HyperX Mouse pad.

At $99.00, the Pulsefire Dart is a premium-priced mouse, and it should be with all of the features it offers a gamer. This may be one of the most versatile mice you can purchase and may be a good choice for a travel mouse to throw in your backpack when going on that trip or spending a weekend at a convention.

ChargePlay Base Qi Wireless Charger

Qi charging has been around for a few years now, and it has been primarily used for charging cell phones. Gaming companies are jumping on board with the technology and offering peripherals with Qi capabilities. HyperX is throwing its hat in the ring with a compact dual charging pad that gives users the opportunity to charge not only their phones but mice, headsets, or any other Qi-compatible devices simultaneously. The output of the base is 15 watts, which should be sufficient for an average charge of your devices.

ChargePlay Base Qi Wireless Charger Specifications

  • Number of devices: 2 Qi-enabled devices
  • Qi Output: Up to 15W total
  • Indicators: 2 LED indicators
  • AC adapter: 24W (5V/3A; 9V/2A; 12V/2A)
  • Cable Type: USB Type-C
  • Cable Length: 1.8m
  • Dimension: 215.04mm x 90.91mm x 17.36mm
  • Weight (without cable): 135g
  • Total Weight: 254.3g


The HyperX ChargePlay base is a very affordable and straightforward solution for charging multiple devices that use Qi technology. At $59.99, it is a bit of an investment, but if you are pairing it with your Pulsefire Dart and a compatible headset or phone, it may be a great simple and practical way to charge your devices without ever having to worry about cable failure.

Samples of the HyperX Pulsefire Dart and Qi ChargePlay Base were made available by Kingston HyperX.

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