Ergotron WorkFit-TS Review: Incredibly Sturdy, Small Footprint Standing Desk

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My family bought our first house this summer, and as a result I finally, after many years, have my own office area. (It’s, um, fire orange at present, which is on the home improvement list.) I was quite excited, then, for the opportunity to review the Ergotron WorkFit-TS Sit-Stand Desktop, which rests on top of a standard desk to provide adjustable height options. 

Unboxing the WorkFit-TS, I was pleased to see that it comes almost completely pre-assembled — the only unattached piece is the keyboard tray, which slides into place and locks with two twistable knobs. 

Straight from the box to your desktop.

The other thing I noticed right away, though, is that this product is heavy — it’s around 50 lbs, so be sure the desk you’re placing it on is sturdy enough to support that weight along with anything else you might put on it. The maximum weight supported by the WorkFit-TS itself is 25 lbs. 

For my setup, total installation time was under 15 minutes and it looks very nice, I must say. The WorkFit-TS is raised by clasping levers on both sides of the unit and gradually allowing it to lift; to lower the surface, hold those same two levers but push down. Rising is easy; lowering takes a bit of effort but is otherwise uncomplicated. 

Ta-da! (Please don’t judge my decor.)

Ergotron offers a monitor riser kit, as well, to assist proper ergonomic alignment. This was not included in the review unit, however, and in any case I do not currently own a monitor.

The unit measures 23.8″ wide by 15.6″ deep. When collapsed, it measures 4.7″ high, and rises to a maximum height of 15″. The smaller footprint leaves additional space on my desk for non-computing-related items, which is nice. But it’s still large enough to support a dual-screen setup of a laptop plus monitor, on the chance I do pick one up later. Or, really, whatever else I might need to keep on that surface while I’m working — I am pretty regularly referring to books while at the computer. Laptop users may also want to use a stand to bring the screen up closer to eye level — the viewing angle is still a bit low.

I positioned my laptop and an external mouse and keyboard on the WorkFit-TS to see how everything came together. I do not typically use an external keyboard, though I do use a mouse, and this has me thinking I may want to remove the keyboard tray — which, as I’ve mentioned, is very easy to do. 

Rise up!

There are the standard warnings, of course, about not putting too much weight on the unit or leaning on it awkwardly and so forth, but for all that, the Ergotron WorkFit-TS feels sturdy. The unit did not shift on top of my desk either while working or while raising or lowering the surface, and that solid bulk I felt earlier does lend to the feeling that this isn’t going anywhere. This is a solid, well-made standing desk.

At $299, the Ergoton WorkFit-TS is not the cheapest ergonomic workspace option. But if you need a durable, easy to use standing desk, stand up and head over to Ergoton’s website.

Disclaimer: Ergoton provided a unit for review. Opinions remain my own. 

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