Beck's Odelay Vinyl release from Vinyl Me Please.

Beck’s Historic Album ‘Odelay’ Earns a 20th Anniversary Vinyl Release

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Beck's Odelay Vinyl release from Vinyl Me Please.
Some things are even better the second time around like Beck’s ‘Odelay’ Vinyl release from Vinyl Me, Please.

Face it dude, we’re old. 1996 sometimes feels like a lifetime ago, but then again can just as easily feel like yesterday. However, even though you and I have seemed to age in a flash, one thing that has weathered the test of time is the music of Beck. The Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter has enjoyed continued success throughout the years including the recent Morning Phase, but I’m sure few can forget the monumental impact of Odelay, which is receiving a 2oth anniversary vinyl pressing courtesy of Vinyl Me, Please.

The album, which includes the smash hits “Devils Haircut” and “Where It’s At,” comes to us on a beautiful 180g bourbon colored vinyl with black marbling and includes the following extras:

  • 12″ x 12″ poster from original pressing
  • 5″ x 5″ high-gloss sticker
  • 12″ x 12″ original art print by Scott Hill, Design Director of The Original Champions of Design

Regarding Odelay‘s  re-release, Cameron Schaefer, Vinyl Me, Please’s Head of Music says: “Odelay will forever exist as the album that took Beck from a slightly off-kilter, indie kid with no guarantees of success to a rock star and one of the most important artists of the past 20 years. Those albums don’t come around often so when they do we analyze, discuss and listen to them again and again. And ultimately, at Vinyl Me, Please, we celebrate them. We’re thrilled to be releasing this special-edition 20th Anniversary pressing of Beck’s Odelay and trust it will find a welcome place on the turntables of members around the world who value albums like this as much as we do.” This exclusive record is only available to Vinyl Me, Please members as their October release. Their memberships start at $23 per month.

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