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Radio Free Hipster Ep. 96: Fight the Future

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We celebrate almost-Fall with new music from Ryako, Beefy, Wordburglar, and Danny Madigan—not to mention a double-dose of Wizard Rock and a classic from Southside.

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00:44 Sonorus – “Arthur Weasley
04:34 Talking / 744 – “Drowning in Brambles
05:14 Danny Madigan – “Autumnal Equinox
09:40 Beefy – “Top Rope (feat. Professor Shyguy)
12:51 DJ Schmolli – “The Trooper Believer”
16:24 Wordburglar“Space Defense Team (Bix Remix) (feat. Kool Keith & Mega Ran -prod. by Bix, cuts by DJ Uncle Fester)
20:44 More talking / 744 – “Drowning in Brambles”
21:40 Solitary Snape – “Brain Room
23:19 Alien Trap Lords – “We Run the World” (content warning)
26:04 POWERLIFTER – “Mr. Brightside (The Killers Cover feat. Jeremy Spring)” (content warning)
29:23 Southside – “Vibrate” (content warning)
32:14 Even more talking / 744 – “Drowning in Brambles”
34:02 Ryako – “Future Face

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