Review – Event Leviathan #4: A Spy in the Ranks

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Event Leviathan #4 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Event Leviathan #4 – Brian Michael Bendis, Writer; Alex Maleev, Artist

Ratings Ray – 7.5/10

Ray: The pacing of this “Event” in Event Leviathan #4 continues to be the oddest thing out of DC at the moment. It’s essentially a superhero comic where all the action happens between issues and we get it recapped through the characters debriefing.

That’s the case with last issue’s cliffhanger, which had Superman getting between Amanda Waller and Leviathan. Now Waller is missing and the mysterious masked villain has disappeared after putting Superman through the ringer. For the first time we get a glimpse of what happens to the people who go into his vortex, and it seems to be a kind of temporal displacement that almost drives Superman insane in a stunning double-page spread by Alex Maleev.

Debriefing. Via DC Comics.

Unfortunately, much of the first half of this issue is the various heroes besides Batman, Superman, and Lois being left out of the conversation and sniping at each other. I was amused by the lampshading of just how long Manhunter has been gone, but overall it feels like we’ve seen these scenes before.

Things get better in the second half of the issue, as the plot picks up and several dangling plot threads return in a big way. First, Batgirl shows up in a communique to the heroes and reveals that she’s been undercover in Leviathan since the first issue and she wants to help the heroes find them. But of course, things don’t go smoothly and she may have been captured. But it’s Lois who plays the starring role in this issue, following her own agenda and leading some of the heroes to wonder if she could be Leviathan. She’s not, of course, but she hasn’t been honest with the heroes either – and the last page reveal made me more excited than anything in the first two thirds of this series. There’s some exciting momentum in this issue, but the series is almost over and it feels like almost nothing has happened. I did like Bendis using more obscure heroes like Manhunter and Silencer this issue, but that final reveal has a lot of weight to carry here – if it’s an anticlimax, this series will have no impact.

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