d&d actual play - dierolling episode 2

‘D&D’ Actual Play | The Star Engine | Episode 2

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d&d actual play - dierolling episode 2
D&D Actual Play | GeekDad.com presents DieRolling: The Star Engine | Episode 2

The Star Engine: Episode 2

First rule of Dungeons & Dragons? Don’t split the party!

Thoronir the druid, Xolen the alchemist, and Claero the necromancer hurriedly return to Wyrdwiht, a mysterious, underground sanctuary of misfits and outcasts who wish to fight injustice and build a better Asha. They must be quick, for Calus Soldiers have tracked them down and are seeking retribution for their earlier crimes.

*Spoiler* – If you only watch one episode of The Star Engine, make it this one.

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