The Cooler Master MS 110 Keyboard and Mouse Review

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Cooler Master MS 110 Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Cooler Master introduces a great keyboard and mouse combo for anyone who may just be getting into PC gaming and does not want to break the bank just yet called the MS 110 Combo.

For many young or new gamers, there can be a technical barrier when it comes to the out-of-the-box peripherals that come with a PC or Mac, and most certainly if they are using a laptop to play games like MOBAs or Battle Royale-style titles. When it comes time to get performance equipment, the cost may also be the next great barrier. Having that in mind, Cooler Master has put together the Master Set 110. This combo is designed exactly for those gamers.

When I opened up the MS 110 I was happy to see that the look of the product matched the higher end Cooler Master keyboards and mice I had reviewed previously. The only initial setback was that a few of the keycaps had fallen off during shipping. I was able to replace them with little effort and was able to connect the keyboard and mouse effortlessly into my gaming PC.

The keyboard and mouse both used USB 2.0 ports, which are simple and low powered. The feel was not as good as the higher-end peripherals, as I could tell that it was plastic versus the aluminum of the others. The hybrid mem-chanical switches combine membrane switches with mechanical and feel very soft and responsive. There is no resounding click with each depression of the keys. It is an upgrade from standard membrane keyboards. The programmable LEDs are switched on the fly using a function key. I noticed that, depending on the angle, they had a tendency to fade, which became an issue when looking at the top key’s alternate functions. The RGB is 6 zones, so you cannot change colors on individual keys or your WASD, and the mouse offers 3 zones of color as well.

All things considered, The Cooler Master MS 110 set may be a great choice for gamers looking to get an introduction to the function and style of pro gaming equipment. It is an incredibly affordable set and may even be a perfect Christmas or birthday gift for younger gamers who you may not trust with hundreds of dollars in peripherals just yet. It will definitely impress their friends.

The MS110 launches on August 12. It’s a great entry-level tool with floating mem-chanical switches. The mouse is programmable with five DPI settings (400, 800, 1600, and 3200) and has 6-zone RGB lighting. It’s the successor to the MasterKeys Lite L. MSRP is $49.99.

A sample of the MS 110 was made available to GeekDad for this review

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