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Simon and Schuster released a new book in their Everything series, The Everything Tabletop Games Book written by Bebo of Be Bold Games. The book explains how to play many of the popular board and card games of the time and is a great and entertaining resource.

The Everything Tabletop Games Book helped me explain the ins and outs of Munchkin to my son.

Ever since tabletop gaming has had a resurgence in popularity, great games seem to come out on an almost daily basis and it is very easy to have a few titles get passed you. You may overhear friends and co-workers discussing the joys of games like Munchkin or Ticket to Ride and perhaps even Splendor, but you don’t really know what they are talking about. Luckily The Everything Tabletop Games Book is here to get you up to speed.

Even as an avid gamer and GeekDad, I need some help from time to time. I have had a lovely copy of Munchkin Deluxe sitting on my bookshelf for the last 2 years. I was hoping that when my son was old enough that we could play together and include some of his friends to make the backstabbing even more entertaining. Initially, I had played the game a few times before purchasing it but have long since forgotten the ins and outs. So when my copy of The Everything Tabletop Games Book appeared on my front porch, it was a great excuse to reacquaint myself with Munchkin along with getting my son Nick up to speed.

Each game is described simply, giving you a level of difficulty, number of players, age recommendation, and playtime as well as what the goal of the game is. There is even a suggestion as to when it is best to play the game. After that, you get a little history and jump into how to play the game. Each game is explained in two to four pages, with additional information boxes on the side of each page that offer insight and essential facts. This will give a great foundation into any of these games and most definitely get you off on the right foot. After the quick 5-minute read (and reading it to my son), we were off and running into our first game of Munchkin.

The Everything Tabletop Games Book is laid out in such an easy-to-use and accessible manner that anyone can jump right in and start learning about some amazing games. The first chapter is a great introduction to modern games and their popularity. Bebo has a way of making gaming so accessible. Her writing is fun, amusing, and has the right amount of detail needed to understand any of the games within this book.

The Everything Tabletop Games Book has 16 chapters, 15 of which cover different game styles, such as Contemporary Classics (Chapter 2), Deck Building (Chapter 3), Pencil and Paper Role Playing (Chapter 15), and more. This gives you the opportunity to delve into a style that works for you. The Everything Tabletop Games Book covers over 100 games, so chances are high that it covers one of your favorites… or your next favorite.

You probably don’t own every game in the book, but that does not mean that reading each chapter is not fun and entertaining. I found it fascinating learning about all of the games and was able to create my own list of must-haves to purchase. The Everything Tabletop Games Book gave me a great roadmap to my future tabletop endeavors and fun for me, my family, and friends. I think that The Everything Tabletop Games Book will do the same for yours, and you should definitely own a copy and keep it on your game shelf next to your other adventure treasures.

Bebo, the author and creator of Be Bold Games

You may purchase a copy of The Everything Tabletop Games Book for $15.88, which is a great price for such a useful tome.

A copy of The Everything Tabletop Games Book was made available by Simon and Schuster.

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