Review – Nightwing #62: Revelations and Stalkers

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Nightwing #62 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Nightwing #62 – Dan Jurgens, Writer; Ronan Cliquet, Artist; Nick Filardi, Colorist


Ray – 7/10

Ray: Dan Jurgens is trying, he really is.

He’s a talented writer plunked onto this title to save a status quo universally hated by the fans and that was run into the ground previously by Scott Lobdell. And he’s doing a decent job, rising above the ridiculousness of the concept – even though every time Dick talks about how the bullet surgically removed every one of his memories from his time as Nightwing and Robin but left everything else intact, I roll my eyes.

There’s also a pretty significant continuity lapse in Nightwing #62 when Dick talks about losing almost two decades of memories. So he’s in his thirties now? Similar to Bruce’s flashback in the Arkham Knight storyline, that breaks a lot of timelines. But Jurgens has improved the title a lot, fleshing out the new “Nightwing gang” and making Dick’s new characterization a lot more tolerable. The opening segment, where “Ric”, in a new and overly goth costume, foils an armored truck robber who stole a kidney, is a surprisingly effective action scene.

A new look. Via DC Comics.

Hutch is the one of the new Nightwings who Jurgens has done the best work with, while Sapienza, Zac, and Colleen are still mostly blank slates as they discuss how to handle Ric. Ric is also being stalked by a mysterious drone this issue, that to no one’s surprise is tied to Lex Luthor and the Year of the Villain storyline.

But the biggest development of Nightwing #62 is in the relationship between Ric and Bea, as he finally shares his past with her and reveals his secret identity, putting it all on the table in an attempt to make his new life work. There’s some good dialogue here, but the sight of them being spied on by a Talon is a constant reminder of what always seems to happen to love interests five seconds after they find out their partner’s secret identity in Gotham or Bludhaven. Jurgens is improving this title a lot, but it’s still loaded with cliches and this upcoming storyline has the chance to go down a very bad path.

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