Review – The Jurassic League #6: Countdown to Extinction

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The Jurassic League #6 variant cover, via DC Comics.

The Jurassic League #6 – Daniel Warren Johnson/Juan Gedeon, Writers; Juan Gedeon, Artist; Mike Spicer, Colorist

Ray – 9/10

Ray: As this strange alternative universe comes to an end, we now know that a lot of these new Elseworlds might play a larger role in the DC multiverse going forward. I don’t see anyone from dino-world having the same impact that King Superman of Dark Knights of Steel or Nightwing the Vampire King from DC vs. Vampires could, but that doesn’t mean this series wasn’t a blast while we had it. It’s the final issue, and Darkylosaur is rampaging across the primordial landscape—turning Jokerzard and countless other evil dinosaurs into his minions. As the Jurassic League forms for the first time, Batsaur is initially left alone against the mob, protecting Supersaur’s adopted tribe and family from his nemesis. It’s a tense and thrilling battle, and what’s really surprising is just how much this feels like a classic Batman story—right down to the core storyarc of him realizing that he doesn’t have to fight his battle alone.

The final battle. Via DC Comics.

Supersaur, being the only one strong enough to stand up to the main villain, gets the best action scenes in the issue and the grand finale pays tribute to both one of the best WB animated movies of all time and one of Superman’s most famous storyarcs. My only recurring complaint with this series is that it feels only the Batman and Superman analogues really got anything to do—Wonderdon had a good introduction, but has mostly been responsible for gathering the team and didn’t really tie much up. The Aquaman, Flash, and Green Lantern characters had even less to do, which makes me wonder if a sequel is planned. The ending definitely hints that there’s more to see here, and this world is so visually inventive and creative that it definitely outshined what people initially expected of it. It’s a good example of how DC is a universe where creators are often rewarded for going outside of the norms.

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