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Southern Fried Gaming Expo – July 12-14, 2019 — Atlanta, Georgia

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SFGE 2019 LogoI’ve been fortunate enough to live in Atlanta and be able to attend the Southern Fried Gaming Expo for the last 6 years. It’s grown in attendance, grown in how much space is required to hold it all, and grown in experiences it offers to attendees. This year, SFGE will be held at the Marriott Renaissance Waverly Hotel in Atlanta, and will spill over into the conference center. It’s grown that much!

Last year, I served as the Tabletop Crew Chief — my crew ran the Play-and-Win event where gamers could check out a game from a table of over 100 donated games, try it out, and then register to win it. And we gave away those 100+ games on the last day of the event. We also ran the Game Library that offers over 200 games, and our gaming area was open 24 hours Friday night and Saturday night… and we had folks taking advantage of the space.

SFGE offers a lot of experiences: pinball, arcade games, console games, wrestling (yes, wrestling!), live music, cosplay, panels, special guests, tutorials, tournaments, demos, and more. But I’m proud to say that the tabletop area has been the one that has grown the fastest.

This year, the tabletop events have grown so fast that I’ve I’m sharing the duties with my Co-Crew Chief, Bridgitte. For three days, we want to welcome tabletop gamers to come and play old games, new games, wargames, and RPGs. But we also want you to know what else is happening, so below I’m going to provide some more details and links for you to check out.

Are you a game designer? There’s also an invite below for you!

Interested in being a GM for your favorite RPG? There’s a special invite below for you, too!

If you’re in the Atlanta area the weekend of July 12-14th, we invite you to come and join us. (And if you’re outside the area, Atlanta may be the busiest airport in the world, but you can also get some of the cheapest tickets around to fly in for a day or two… just a suggestion.)

If you do come, please look for me and say hello.

  • Visit www.GameATL.com and use code GEEKDAD to save 15% off your membership.
  • We announced this year our plans to give away 200+ tabletop games. How? Thanks to great support from the board game industry we will have a huge selection of play and win, numerous game prizes for tournaments and don’t forget by playing library games and demos you can earn tickets. Hourly drawings and winners choose from our prize table.
  • BIG NEWS: Our Official Retail Support this year comes from Meeple Madness located in Braselton, GA. Dave and his super knowledgeable team will not only be selling games but demoing a variety of titles and running various tournaments.
  • We announced our first KeyForge Tournament. Join this Facebook Event to stay up-to-date with all the details. This will be a sealed deck event.
  • We announced tabletop guests Will & Sarah Meadows from Tantrum House will join us. If you are not familiar with Tantrum House, they have some incredible tabletop content. They will be at SFGE running some games and speaking on panels.
  • We welcomed Robert Bevan to SFGE. Robert is the author of the Critical Failures book series.These adult humored tales of mishap and misfortune will make for a greatly inappropriate After-Dark panel.
  • We announce our first KLASK tournament. The popular Danish game of Klask has become an addictive must have for every game room. This Foosball/Air hockey hybrid will bring the pain as we host our first SFGE Klask Tournament.
  • SFGE will be offering miniature painting at #SFGE2019 and we are stoked to announce our Official Sponsor is none other than, The Army Painter. Stunning details comes from great paints and amazing brushes. Check out their full line at your local FLGS store.
  • We welcomed Kyle Key & Mattox Shuler, the minds behind Keymaster Games, to SFGE. We are personally huge fans of their games and have backed all of their Kickstarter projects.
  • It’s going to be a GIANT week for tabletop with Calliope Games‘ Giant Tsuro at SFGE. It’s all about finding your path and keeping others from misdirecting you!
  • We announced a lot of tabletop vendors including 25th Century GamesDrinking Horn GamesFamiliar GamesSky DevelopedOverPowered Game MatsPanda Cult Games and we have even more.
  • Again, visit www.GameATL.com and use code GEEKDAD to save 15% off your membership.

Attention Game Designers

Have you started a game and just need some testing and feedback. SFGE is proud to announce our Indie Tabletop Showcase. What does that mean? Our event is designed to help unpublished games and their designers receive public play-tests and feedback. With activities including play-testing, demonstration, publisher speed dating and our coveted Tabletop Indie Award. SFGE is the place to connect with local tabletop companies and beyond. Designers who show their games will receive entry into SFGE2019 and space to demo their work (restrictions apply). You can register your game directly by visiting:  http://southernfriedgameroomexpo.com/indie-tabletop-showcase/

Are you a GM?

Have a favorite game you want to share with everyone? Game Masters signups are now open! Just tell us what game you’d like to DM, demo, or teach and when you’d like to do it. We’ll provide you with space, and list your game time in our schedule. Just check out our GM rules for more information. Thanks for sharing your love of gaming with others, and you can sign up using this link:  http://southernfriedgameroomexpo.com/game-master-signup/

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